Category: Car Accidents

Steven Schwartzapfel Jul 7, 2022
What To Do After a Car Accident That’s Not Your Fault

Even the most careful drivers get into car accidents, especially on the busy streets of New York City. Car...

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Steven Schwartzapfel Jun 8, 2022
Queens Car Accident Attorney Testimonial Video

Car accidents happen everywhere in New York City, including Queens. That’s why if you or a loved one are...

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Steven Schwartzapfel Jun 2, 2022
Car Accident Lawyer: Staten Island

Staten Island is a fantastic place to live and work, especially if your job is in New York City...

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Steven Schwartzapfel May 12, 2022
Bronx Car Accident Lawyer: We Can Help You

For many, driving in the Bronx is a necessity.. This is especially true of those who commute to and...

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Steven Schwartzapfel Apr 19, 2022
Brooklyn Car Accident Lawyer: We Can Help

Car accidents are far too common and oftentimes lead to serious injuries. And whether you’re in a motor vehicle...

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