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Steven Schwartzapfel Jun 8, 2022
Train Accident Lawsuit: $238 Million Global Recovery

When you or a loved one are injured in a subway or train accident, you need to know who...

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Steven Schwartzapfel Jun 2, 2022
Bicycle Accident Attorney NYC

Bicycling is not just a great way to get around the Big Apple; it’s also a tried-and-true way to...

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Steven Schwartzapfel Mar 23, 2022
Boating Accident Attorney in NYC: All You Need To Know

Boating accidents may not seem like a major concern in New York City. However, they occur more often than...

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Steven Schwartzapfel Mar 22, 2022
Bicycle Accident Lawyer: Find Out if You Need One

When New Yorkers cross the street, they are usually on the lookout for cars, taxis, trucks, motorcycles, and even...

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car damaged in a car accident in new york
Steven Schwartzapfel Oct 28, 2020
What To Do If You’re In A Car Accident In New York City

Even if you’re a careful driver, unforeseen things happen all the time—especially if you’re driving in NYC. With more...

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