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New York Construction Debris Accident Attorneys

Understand Your Legal Rights After a Construction Debris Accident

At Schwartzapfel Lawyers, we recognize the disastrous effects that construction debris accidents can have on your life. We understand the enduring impact it can leave, such as mounting medical expenses, lost income, long-term injuries, and disabilities. That’s why our seasoned attorneys are here to guide you through the legal process and help you get the maximum compensation you’re entitled to.


Our experience in handling construction debris accident cases will put you at ease. Rest assured, we will stand by your side, fight for your rights, and get you the justice you deserve. We will provide the necessary support you need during this challenging time, and we will work tirelessly to ensure that you receive the money and benefits you’re entitled to. Call us now at 516-342-2200 for a free consultation and so much more!

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Report your debris accident as soon as possible

Time is critical, and taking prompt action can make all the difference in your case. Our experienced New York construction accident lawyers are here to help you through filing a personal injury lawsuit and ensuring your rights are protected. By reporting your debris accident immediately, you not only protect your legal rights but also improve your chances of recovering the financial compensation you’re entitled to. To this end, we encourage you to reach out to our team for top-tier guidance on reporting your accident and preserving essential evidence.

Did you receive medical attention immediately following your construction site debris accident?

Your health and well-being are our top priority at Schwartzapfel Lawyers. If you’ve been involved in a construction site debris accident, it is crucial to seek medical care as soon as possible. Immediate treatment can prevent complications and provide essential documentation for your case. Our skilled personal injury attorneys will work closely with you to ensure all relevant documentation is collected and included in your case.


So, please, don’t hesitate to contact our dedicated team of construction site debris accident attorneys to discuss your legal options for securing the financial compensation you’re entitled to.

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Schwartzapfel® Lawyers P.C. has earned a reputation for relentlessly pursuing our clients’ rights. We protect the people, not the powerful.

Have you spoken with a construction site debris accident attorney?

If you or a loved one has been involved in a construction site debris accident, it’s crucial to consult with a knowledgeable and experienced attorney as soon as possible. To this end, we’re well-versed in the industry regulations and safety standards that govern the construction industry, making us an ideal legal partner for your debris accident claim.


So, please, don’t hesitate to reach out to our dedicated legal team, as we can help you understand the process, protect your rights, and maximize your compensation. Remember, time is of the essence, so it’s important to act today to protect your tomorrows. And you can do this now by securing the assistance of a skilled construction debris accident lawyer when you call 516-342-2200 today.

Are you collecting evidence for your construction site debris case?

Gathering evidence is a critical aspect of any construction site debris accident case and may include preserving photographs of the accident scene, witness statements, safety inspection reports, and medical records, among other crucial pieces of information. With this in mind, our team is adept at analyzing the collected evidence and identifying potential lapses in safety protocols that may have contributed to the accident.

Debris Accident FAQs

What are the common injuries caused by falling objects and debris at construction sites?

Virtually every construction worksite comes with risks that can lead to a variety of injuries. At Schwartzapfel Lawyers, we are deeply familiar with these injuries and are prepared to assist construction workers and accident victims in understanding their legal rights and workers’ compensation claims.

To paint a clearer picture, construction accident cases commonly include:


  • Neck And Back Injuries: Our team includes qualified workplace injury lawyers for these common issues.
  • Shoulder And Knee Injuries: We have extensive experience as construction accidents lawyers in these cases.
  • Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI): Our construction worker lawyers are well-versed in TBI cases.
  • Electrocution: As construction accidents lawyers, we often handle cases involving electrical hazards.
  • Falling Object Injuries: Our lawyers are highly experienced in cases dealing with union worker injuries due to falling objects.
  • Fractures And Broken Bones: We are highly skilled as comp lawyers in handling these frequent construction work injuries.
  • Lacerations And Soft-Tissue Injuries: Our role as workers’ comp lawyers includes advocating for workers with these injuries.
  • Wrist And Ankle Injuries: As union lawyers, we understand the impact of these serious injuries.
  • Paralysis: In severe cases, debris accidents can cause paralysis, significantly impacting your quality of life.
  • Foot Injuries: Our construction accident lawyers are skilled in cases involving foot injuries.
  • Fatalities: In cases of wrongful death, our team stands as compassionate and determined advocates.
  • Amputations: Our construction accident attorney team provides qualified support for amputation cases.
  • Disfigurement: As experienced personal injury lawyers, we handle cases involving disfigurement with sensitivity and experience.

As your trusted construction accident representatives, Schwartzapfel Lawyers offers more than routine legal counsel – we’re your partners from start to finish. So whether you’re a construction worker, a trade union member, or a loved one affected by a construction site accident, our team is here to offer superior legal representation and support. Contact us today at 516-342-2200 for a free consultation and take your first step toward justice and optimal compensation.

How do workers’ compensation benefits and OSHA violations affect your rights after a construction site injury?

At Schwartzapfel Lawyers, we understand the complicated details of liability when an employee is injured at a construction site. A critical aspect of these cases involves understanding the interplay between workers’ compensation benefits and potential Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) violations.


Workers’ Compensation And Employee Rights

When an employee suffers construction site injuries, their primary course of action is often filing for workers’ compensation benefits. This system is designed to provide financial support without the need for litigation. It covers medical expenses and a portion of lost wages due to the injury.


Liability Beyond The Employer

In cases where third parties such as property owners, contractors, or equipment manufacturers are involved, and their negligence or malfunctions contribute to the injury, the injured worker may have the right to pursue additional legal claims. These claims can address aspects not covered by workers’ compensation, such as pain and suffering, and can lead to significant verdicts in your favor.


Understanding these distinctions is incredibly important for injured construction workers. At Schwartzapfel Lawyers, we have extensive experience in these types of situations, where we always do everything in our powers to get our clients the full compensation they’re entitled to.


And so, if you’ve been injured on a construction site and believe there has been an OSHA violation or third-party negligence, contact us now for a thorough evaluation of your case and skilled legal guidance. That said, you shouldn’t wait, as your window to recover all the money and benefits you deserve may soon close forever.


To keep that from happening, act now and have Schwartzapfel Lawyers fight – and win – for you!

Why is it important to hire an experienced injury attorney for construction debris accidents in NYC?

The legal process after a New York construction debris accident requires a knowledgeable and experienced construction accident lawyer. Schwartzapfel Lawyers’s legal team has qualified debris accident attorneys who understand the intricacies of construction site regulations, liability laws, and insurance claims. Our team works diligently to gather evidence, negotiate with workers’ compensation insurance companies, and represent your best interests in court.


By enlisting the help of Schwartzapfel Lawyers’ NYC construction accident attorneys, you stand tall to increase your chances of receiving a satisfactory settlement for your injury claim. Call us today at 516-342-2200 for a free case evaluation and peace of mind.

Which trade unions have you worked with?

Our New York firm has represented members from a wide range of trade backgrounds, demonstrating our extensive experience and dedication to workers’ rights. In point of fact, some of the unions we have worked with include but are not limited to:


  • Sheet Metal Workers Local 28: Our union lawyers have successfully represented these skilled professionals in numerous cases.
  • IAM 15: As labor lawyers, we have a deep understanding of the challenges faced by the skilled IAM 15 machinists.
  • TWU Local 101: Our team includes workplace injury lawyers with experience in transit system-related accidents.
  • LIUNA Local 147 Sandhogs: Renowned as workers’ comp lawyers, we have defended the rights of injured construction workers from this union.
  • Laborers Local 79: Our experience as workers’ comp lawyers has benefited these crucial contributors to construction company projects.
  • SBA And PBA: If you need a union disability lawyer, we have assisted members of these associations with their unique workplace challenges.
  • Sheet Metal Workers Local 137: Our construction worker lawyers have a proven record of advocating for these workers.
  • Cement Masons Local 780: Our skilled personal injury law team has represented these professionals across Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and beyond, focusing on the specific risks they face.
  • LIUNA Asbestos Workers 78: Our team includes experienced lawyers for union workers who understand the intricacies of asbestos-related cases.
  • Laborers Local 12A And Plasters Local 262: Every construction accident lawyer on our team has the knowledge and skill necessary to handle the needs of these skilled laborers’ work-related injury claims.

At Schwartzapfel Lawyers, our commitment to representing trade union workers extends beyond securing compensation for medical bills and related damages. As such, we understand the unique challenges and risks that individuals face on the job site on a daily basis, and we are dedicated to providing them with stellar legal representation – both in and out of court.

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