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Construction Accidents

New York Construction Accident Attorneys

The construction industry is known for being one of the most hazardous occupations, and accidents on job sites can occur despite safety protocols being in place. Our team of legal experts specializes in assisting individuals in filing workers’ compensation claims and pursuing legal action against third parties, including owners, contractors, subcontractors, and equipment manufacturers. We strive to recover the compensation and benefits that our clients are entitled to, utilizing our extensive knowledge of workers’ compensation and personal injury law.

Are you dealing with a construction site accident in New York City?

In the heart of New York City, where skyscrapers and infrastructure projects shape the skyline, construction sites are both a symbol of growth and a hotspot for potential accidents.


The complexity of construction accident injuries in NYC demands a nuanced understanding, especially when it comes to legal and compensation aspects. This is where the knowledge of our qualified Queens construction accident lawyers becomes invaluable.


At Schwartzapfel Lawyers, our law office has extensive experience with everything from car accident claims to on-the-job back injuries. And it’s this experience that you can count on to provide you with the legal counsel you’re entitled to. Reach out to our personal injury attorneys at 516-342-2200 or schedule your free consultation online today.

What Are The Risks At Construction Sites?

The many construction sites across NYC pose various risks, from scaffolding accidents to unforeseen catastrophes like electrocution or forklift mishaps. For construction workers, these risks are part of daily life.


However, when accidents or incidents occur, the impact can range from personal injury to tragic fatalities. Under New York labor laws, safety equipment and protocols are mandated, yet accidents and incidents still happen, often due to negligence or failure to comply with regulations set by bodies like the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

What should you know about legal recourse for construction accident victims?

When a construction worker or a loved one becomes a victim of a construction site accident, the path to justice and compensation involves navigating complex legal terrain. Personal injury claims and workers’ compensation claims are the most common legal pathways.


While personal injury lawsuits address negligence and seek damages, workers’ compensation claims provide a safety net for medical expenses and lost wages.


An experienced Queens construction accident attorney plays a pivotal role in this process. From offering a free consultation to understanding the intricacies of the NYC construction industry, these legal professionals provide the necessary guidance to ensure injured construction workers or their families receive the maximum compensation and benefits they are entitled to.


To speak with a skilled member of the Schwartzapfel Lawyers team directly, please dial 516-342-2200 now. It will be our honor and privilege to fight for you every step of the way.

How do workers' compensation and personal injury law apply to construction accidents?

In New York City, the legal framework governing construction accidents and incidents encompasses both workers’ compensation insurance and personal injury law. Workers’ compensation benefits are designed to cover medical bills and lost income.


Conversely, a personal injury claim, pursued with the help of a skilled personal injury lawyer, can lead to compensation for more extensive damages, including pain and suffering.

It’s important for construction workers and their families to understand that a construction accident case may involve various parties, from general contractors to insurance companies.


All injury cases are unique, and the right legal team, well-versed in NYC’s specific regulations and statutes, including the scaffolding law and specific construction site safety requirements, can make a significant difference in the outcome of a case.

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