Category: Workers’ Compensation

Steven Schwartzapfel May 2, 2022
Work Injury Lawyer: Electrician $7M Win

Work injury lawsuits are not uncommon in New York City and the rest of the Empire State. Why? When...

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Ben Rabinowitz Jul 16, 2021
NYC Workers’ Comp Insurance in Ten Easy Steps

If you or someone you love has been injured on the job or currently suffers from a job-related illness,...

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what to know about welding burns
Ben Rabinowitz May 4, 2021
Welding Burns On Skin: 5 Things To Know

What are they? Welding burns are any burn that occurs as a result of the welding process.  The two...

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Steven Schwartzapfel Mar 8, 2021
An A-Z Guide to Understanding Workers’ Comp

Did you know that out of 100 full-time workers, 2.8 report injuries on the job every year? While accidents...

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Steven Schwartzapfel Aug 17, 2020
Never Use Your Employer’s Doctor

Accidents happen. Injuries happen. Your employer choosing your doctor should never happen. This is especially true if you or...

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