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Steven Schwartzapfel Aug 17, 2020
Social Media Will Ruin Your Case

Why Should I Close My Social Media Accounts? After an accident, it may be tempting to talk about what...

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Steven Schwartzapfel Aug 17, 2020
Never Use Your Employer’s Doctor

Accidents happen. Injuries happen. Your employer choosing your doctor should never happen. This is especially true if you or...

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Steven Schwartzapfel Jun 8, 2020
How Will the Coronavirus Affect My Personal Injury Case?

If you have a pending or ongoing personal injury claim, it’s normal to wonder how your case can go...

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Fire gel in personal injury case
Mike Reiner Jan 25, 2019
Personal Injuries In New York

Every year, hundreds of product liability cases show up in America’s courts. But if you’re unfamiliar with the intricacies...

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Steven Schwartzapfel May 13, 2016
How Does a Wrongful Death Claim Differ from a Personal Injury Claim?

Wrongful death claims and personal injury claims have some similarities. Both are based on negligence – the fact that...

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