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While Long Island is a great place to live and raise a family, even for experienced drivers traffic can be a major hazard. Given the prevalence of car accidents in the area, whether you commute every day by automobile or are one of the many pedestrians who use Long Island’s plentiful sidewalks, you have to be careful.

Moreover, if you are involved in a Long Island car accident, you need to know who to call. The right lawyer can help you recover compensation from guilty or negligent parties to help pay for medical bills, rehabilitation costs, loss of income, and more.

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Don’t wait until it’s too late. Act now and protect your future so that, in the event of a Long Island car accident, you and your loved ones are financially safe.

Car Accidents in Long Island

Despite repeated attempts to improve public safety in the area by the government, car accidents are still quite common in Long Island. For example, between 2012 and 2014, there were over 1,400 resident emergency department visits and treatments on the island, in addition to 122+ resident hospitalizations each month. Furthermore, as the linked study reflects, each month approximately 11 resident deaths resulted.

Sadly, things haven’t improved since 2014. In fact, according to the New York DMV, over 42,000 crashes were reported in Suffolk County in 2019. In these accidents, nearly 3,000 people suffered severe to moderate personal injuries; as well, 115 accident victims died.

Because car accidents are far from a rarity on Long Island and in the surrounding area, you need to be prepared in the event that you or a loved one are involved in an auto accident. Bear in mind: the average person can expect to be involved in 3-4 car-related accidents in their lifetime. Hence, whether you need general answers or lawsuit assistance that’s specific to your case, you should contact an experienced car accident attorney sooner than later.

What To Do After a Car Accident

In the immediate aftermath of a car accident, don’t contact attorneys right away. Instead, get medical help by calling emergency services. Make sure you are stable and in good health before worrying about a lawsuit.

After a car accident, it can be tough to know who is fully responsible. Only when you have been stabilized and are safe in the hospital or at home should you contact legal professionals.

For more on emergency services and medical musts” following an accident, call 1-516-342-2200 and speak with a Schwartzapfel Lawyers car accident specialist now.

When Can You File a New York Auto Accident Lawsuit?

New York is a no-fault state. That means that every driver is legally required to have no-fault car insurance. No-fault car insurance prevents drivers from suing each other after most auto accidents.

In many cases, however, no-fault car insurance only covers up to a few thousand dollars of damages. While the hypothetical total is $50,000 of coverage, many drivers have difficulty securing this much from their insurance companies to pay for medical bills or physical damages, like a damaged or destroyed vehicle.

Does this mean you can never file a lawsuit against a negligent driver, such as someone who had been drinking before getting behind the wheel? Not at all.

You can file auto accidents against negligent drivers, but only in certain circumstances. These circumstances include:

  • When the combined personal and noneconomic damages to your person or vehicle are significantly over $50,000 in value
  • When your injuries are severe,” which usually means they are either debilitating, disfiguring, or otherwise medically significant

In these cases, you can file a lawsuit against a negligent party. A negligent party is anyone who failed in their implied or stated duty of safety to other people. Note: All drivers on the road have an implied duty to drive safely.

If, for example, an intoxicated driver gets behind the wheel, they are being negligent. If that driver gets into an auto accident, they will likely be held liable for injuries and damages caused.

However, filing a Long Island car accident lawsuit alone can be tough. You have to navigate bureaucratic court systems, file paperwork, manage deadlines, mount a case (which, to do so effectively, will involve researching the law, interviewing witnesses, summarizing arguments, and more), deal with insurance companies, and pay miscellaneous court fees while likely missing work and struggling to do what’s most important: healing. That’s why hiring a car accident legal team is a wise idea.

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How a Long Island Car Accident Lawyer Can Help

Long Island car accident lawyers are trained legal professionals who, when well-qualified, can offer numerous benefits to your upcoming case.

Offer Legal Advice

For starters, expert Long Island car accident lawyers can offer sound legal advice. They can advise you on matters such as:

  • Whether you should file a lawsuit against one party or another. They may be able to tell you which party is more likely to have the insurance or funds for a payout to cover your medical bills.
  • When to file your lawsuit to avoid the statute of limitations, which is usually a few years after the accident date.
  • Who you should or should not speak with and how you should frame your version of the events to the court.

This legal advice is incredibly valuable. Your lawsuit will stand a greater chance of resulting in a major insurance payout with the right counsel. Since payouts can range between hundreds of dollars and millions of dollars, it’s absolutely critical to make the right legal decisions.

Gather Evidence

Additionally, Long Island car accident attorneys can gather the evidence your case needs to succeed. Examples of the types of evidence they can collect to solidify your case include but are not limited to:

  • Eyewitness accounts that support your testimony. They can also coach you and any other eyewitnesses who may be called to the upcoming trial.
  • Police reports, which usually offer unbiased accounts and recordings of other evidence.
  • Traffic camera footage, which can be used as proof that the other party was in the wrong and caused the plaintiff’s injuries.

Moreover, with skilled legal professionals on your side pooling together evidence, you won’t have to unnecessarily take time off from work and/or become overly distracted from recovering from your injuries.

Negotiate on Your Behalf

Perhaps most importantly, experienced Long Island car accident legal professionals can negotiate on your behalf with insurance companies, the accused party, and anyone else. It’s tough enough healing from the injuries sustained in a car accident; it’s even harder when multiple people are constantly trying to call you or send messages over email.

Your legal team will handle all of this correspondence and negotiate strongly for your rightful compensation. When you choose the right lawyers, your negotiations will go more smoothly and successfully for your side.

For an individualized evaluation of your case at no charge, call Schwartzapfel Lawyers at 1-516-342-2200 today!

Choosing the Right Long Island Car Accident Lawyers

Choosing the right Long Island car accident lawyers is vital to winning your case. Fortunately, you can select the right attorneys after looking at two major factors.

Commitment to Clients

The first factor is an unwavering commitment to both past and current clients. Schwartzapfel Lawyers demonstrates this in our ongoing dedication to each client we partner with. In fact, every new client joins our extended family and becomes a client for life.

On top of that, we use a contingency fee basis to ensure that our clients don’t have to worry about paying for legal help while they are still reeling from medical expenses. In a nutshell, you never need to worry about paying for our legal assistance unless we win your case and you are duly compensated for damages.

It all begins with a free case evaluation. When you give us a call at 1-516-342-2200 or contact us online, we’ll take down the details of your case and give you some practical options for moving forward. Then we can discuss a longer-term partnership and your next legal hurdles — including potentially filing a lawsuit against a negligent party.

Past Legal Success

Before hiring any one car accident lawyer, you should also make sure their law firm has a history of legal success to draw from, especially in the field of auto accidents. You can do this by looking at the firm’s testimonials page; alternatively, you can Google the firm’s name to determine whether they are generally successful, whether they specialize in Long Island car accidents, and so on.

Schwartzapfel Lawyers’ testimonials page shows that we are well-equipped and ready to handle your upcoming car accident lawsuit. Over the years, we’ve litigated and won all kinds of Long Island car accident cases. Through our efforts and commitment, we’ve secured millions of dollars in payouts for our clients and are confident we can fight – and win – for you as well.

By ensuring your legal team possesses these key factors, you can be confident that the attorney you hire will benefit your case and not waste your time. If you want to learn more about our unique cases and past successes, don’t hesitate to call Schwartzapfel Lawyers at 1-516-342-2200. We’re an open book for each of our clients, including those who have yet to hire us!


To cut your search short, hire the best car accident lawyers on Long Island by contacting Schwartzapfel Lawyers today. Not only are our consultations free, but we won’t charge you a penny unless we first secure a successful outcome for your car accident lawsuit. As local New York car accident attorneys, we know the area and the legal intricacies that define many of the cases in and around Nassau and Suffolk County, the Big Apple, and beyond.

To get started, contact us online or call 1-516-342-2200 and allow Schwartzapfel Lawyers the honor and privilege of fighting – and recovering – for you!


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