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Hoist accidents can be extremely dangerous and result in serious injuries, both physically and emotionally. And so, if you or a loved one is injured in a hoist-related accident, it’s important to seek the assistance of a skilled personal injury law firm that has extensive experience in these types of cases.


The award-winning hoist accident attorneys at Schwartzapfel Lawyers have more than (150) years of combined experience and knowledge to provide personalized guidance and support throughout the entire legal process. Our primary objective is to help clients recover optimal financial compensation to cover medical expenses, lost wages, and other damages resulting from the accident.


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Report a hoist accident without hesitation

This crucial step ensures that all relevant parties are aware of the incident and can assist in preserving vital evidence. Not only does this help with accurate documentation, but it also plays a significant role in building a strong injury case for your compensation claim. As expert construction accident attorneys, we recommend reporting your hoist accident to your supervisor and local authorities immediately to safeguard your legal rights.

Obtain medical support quickly after construction hoist accidents

Seeking medical attention after a construction site hoist accident is essential, not only for your health and well-being but also for the success of your potential case. Prompt medical care documents the injuries sustained and serves as a vital piece of evidence when pursuing compensation. If you haven’t yet consulted with a qualified medical provider following a hoist accident, now is the time to take action and protect your rights.

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Have you spoken with a hoist accident attorney?

If you’ve been involved in a construction site hoist accident, it’s essential to consult with a qualified attorney who understands the intricacies of these cases. Our experienced construction accident attorneys are well-versed in the unique challenges and legal requirements of hoist accidents. We know that the details of these cases can be overwhelming, which is why our team offers personalized guidance and support.


Don’t put your financial future at risk by attempting to handle the situation alone. Instead, reach out to our dedicated construction accident attorneys to ensure you receive all the money and benefits you deserve.

Gather crucial evidence for your construction site hoist accident

Collecting evidence is a crucial aspect of building a strong construction site hoist accident case. As an experienced law firm, we understand the importance of preserving evidence to strengthen your claim.


From gathering photographs and videos of the accident scene to obtaining witness statements and analyzing accident reports, our construction accident attorneys will work diligently to compile essential documentation for your case. With our meticulous approach to evidence collection, we aim to maximize your chances of securing the compensation you’re entitled to.


Don’t let crucial evidence slip through the cracks. Trust our stellar track record in successfully handling hoist accident cases to build the best possible case on your behalf. Call Schwartzapfel Lawyers at 516-342-2200 today!

Hoist Accident FAQs

How do I know if I have a valid hoist accident claim?

Determining if you have a valid hoist accident claim involves evaluating the specific circumstances of your case, such as the cause of the accident, the parties involved, and whether negligence played a role. Our skilled New York hoist accident attorneys will analyze your situation and provide guidance on the best course of action for your claim.

What is the statute of limitations for filing a hoist accident lawsuit in New York?

In New York, the statute of limitations for filing a hoist accident lawsuit is typically three years from the date of the accident. However, certain circumstances may affect this time frame, such as when a victim discovers their injury at a later date. It's crucial to consult with a knowledgeable hoist accident attorney to ensure you don't miss the deadline for filing your claim.

What are the potential consequences of a hoist accident?

Hoist accidents on construction sites can have severe and often devastating consequences. Understanding the common causes of crane accidents and their implications is important for everyone involved, from site managers to the crew.


Wrongful Death

In the most tragic cases, hoist accidents can lead to fatalities. When a construction worker loses their life due to a hoist accident, it is considered a wrongful death. Families of the deceased may seek legal assistance from skilled personal injury lawyers to pursue justice and compensation. Call Schwartzapfel Lawyers at 516-342-2200 today for a free consultation and/or case evaluation. No matter your situation, it will be our honor and privilege to fight for you!


Catastrophic Injuries

Hoist accidents can result in catastrophic injuries, such as traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injuries, and amputations. These injuries can have life-altering impacts, requiring long-term medical care and rehabilitation.


Crane Accident Injuries

When hoists are part of crane operations, crane accident injuries can occur. These might include electrocution, especially if the crane comes into contact with power lines, or severe physical trauma if a load is dropped or the crane malfunctions.


Electrocution And Burns

The risk of electrocution and worker burns is significantly elevated when hoist and crane operations are located near power lines. This danger is further heightened if safety protocols outlined by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) are not strictly followed.



Severe hoist accidents can lead to amputations, either due to the accident itself or as a necessary medical response to save the victim’s life. Amputations represent a profound change in a person’s life, often requiring extensive rehabilitation and adjustment.


Elevator And Hoist Accidents

In some cases, hoist accidents can involve elevator accidents, particularly in high-rise construction. These accidents can result in severe injuries or fatalities due to falls or mechanical failures.


Property Owner Liability

The responsibility for hoist accidents may fall on the property owner, especially if they fail to ensure a safe working environment. When it’s a workers’ compensation claim, construction companies are not typically liable. Construction accident lawyers and crane accident attorneys can help determine the liability and pursue legal claims, so contact Schwartzapfel Lawyers by dialing 516-342-2200 to get started on your crane accident case.


Legal Verdicts And Compensation

Particularly in cases involving wrongful death, injured workers and their loved ones have the option of initiating legal proceedings to seek redress. In these cases, verdicts may result in significant compensation awarded for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages.

What types of hoist accident cases do your New York attorneys handle?

Our New York City hoist accident attorneys are experienced in handling a wide range of hoist-related accidents, including but not limited to: crane collapses, faulty equipment, improper operation, and inadequate maintenance. To this end, we’re committed to helping injured workers get all the money and benefits they’re entitled to for their injuries, lost wages, and other damages.

What are common causes of hoist accidents in construction sites?

Hoist accidents on worksites often occur due to various factors, such as failing to detect defects in equipment, overloading the hoist beyond its capacity, and not securing materials properly. Regular wear and tear, human error, and the operation of the hoist by untrained individuals also contribute to these accidents.

How can construction sites prevent hoist-related accidents?

Preventing hoist-related accidents involves regular inspections by qualified personnel, ensuring all components like chains, ropes, and brakes are in good condition. Operators must perform pre-operational checks and be constantly aware of the hoist’s load capacity. Properly securing the load and restricting hoist operation to trained and authorized individuals are also crucial.

What should I do if I'm involved in a hoist accident on a construction site?

Whether you’re involved in a car accident or a hoist incident, you should first seek immediate medical attention. Once you’re medically stabilized, you should then consider contacting experienced crane accident attorneys like the ones at Schwartzapfel Lawyers at 516-342-2200 for a free consultation. Our seasoned law office can advise you on your legal options to help ensure you reach the best possible outcome.

What are the legal implications of a hoist accident?

Hoist accidents can lead to workers’ compensation and/or personal injury claims. However, the likeliest route to success will depend largely on the circumstances of the accident, the injured parties, and other related factors.

At Schwartzapfel Lawyers, our NYC law firm has extensive experience in handling such cases. To do so effectively, we offer skilled legal representation to ensure that the rights of injured workers are maintained so that they may receive adequate compensation for their medical bills and other damages.

Are there specific protocols for crane operators to prevent accidents?

Crane operators must adhere to specific safety protocols, including regular equipment inspections, staying within load limits, and using personal protective equipment. Proper training and authorization are essential for safe crane operation.

How does Schwartzapfel Lawyers help victims of hoist accidents?

Our skilled law firm offers a free case evaluation and works tirelessly to represent New York hoist accident victims. We focus on helping you get all the money and benefits you need to recover — physically, emotionally, and financially.

Our knowledgeable personal injury attorneys understand the fine print of construction accidents and are committed to advocating for you and your loved ones. Call Schwartzapfel Lawyers today at 516-342-2200 and have us fight – and win – for you!

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