Accidents can happen anywhere, to anyone, and under all types of circumstances. But when it comes to workplace accidents, certain trends emerge showing which accidents are more common and where they most often occur.

Accidents and incidents in the workplace can cause severe injuries, and in some cases, may even result in death. Working to prevent workplace accidents and incidents can help reduce the frequency of workplace injuries and other losses. However, you should know that if you or a loved one is injured in a workplace accident, the law is on your side.

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What Are The Most Dangerous Industries In The United States?

From eye injuries to overexertion, falling objects, and carpal tunnel syndrome, accidents and injuries can happen in all types of workplaces. Still, there are a few industries that are considered more dangerous than others.

Such industries are characterized as more dangerous because of increased hazards that lead to a higher risk of accidents and incidents. According to the National Safety Council, the following three (3) industries are some of the most dangerous industries for workers in the United States.


The agriculture industry includes farming, fishing, hunting, harvesting wood, and other natural resources.

On the national level, the agriculture industry accounts for the highest death rate compared to other industries. In 2021, there were (20) deaths for every (100,000) workers in the industry due to on-the-job accidents and severe injuries.

Transportation And Warehousing

The transportation and warehousing industry includes any line of work that involves packaging, shipping, and moving goods, including heavy objects.

The industry accounts for the highest rate of non-fatal workplace injuries, with approximately (220) injuries for every (10,000) workers a year. This number includes occupational injuries on job sites and in warehouses, as well as in transport.


It’s no surprise that construction is one of the most dangerous industries for workers. 

The construction industry accounts for the highest number of deaths among workers compared to all other industries, with almost (1,000) deaths among construction workers occurring each year. It also accounts for more than (70,000) non-fatal injuries annually.

While many more industries are considered to be very dangerous, such as mining or utility work, these top three (3) account for the greatest number of deaths and fatal accidents.

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What Are The Most Common Workplace Accidents?

Many types of accidents and incidents can occur while in the performance of job-related duties. Upon closer examination of the data, however, it becomes clear that some happen more often than others and result in greater losses.

To that end, the following is a list of the most common workplace accidents and the circumstances under which they commonly occur.

Transportation And Vehicle Accidents

Almost 40% of work-related deaths are caused by transportation and vehicle accidents and incidents. A large part of those accidents and incidents occur due to vehicle collisions and malfunctions while transporting goods.

Truck drivers who transport goods across state lines are part of this demographic and are often injured because of truck company negligence, extreme conditions, and other factors.

Falls, Slips, And Trips

Falls, slips, and trips are the second largest cause of fatalities while on the job, mostly due to falls from great heights. Falls, slips, and trips can occur on any type of job site and often cause non-fatal injuries.

Exposure To Electricity And Harmful Substances

Exposure is a broad term when discussing workplace accidents and incidents — it encompasses everything from electrocutions to harsh weather conditions and contact with chemicals. Exposure accounts for 15% of all workplace deaths and can vary widely from case to case in terms of how the accident or incident occurs and the effects it has.

Struck By Objects Or Equipment

Being struck by objects or equipment is especially common on construction sites, on which heavy materials and other hazards are often used, accounting for roughly 15% of all workplace deaths.

Although there are many other ways deaths and fatalities can occur in a workplace accident or incident, these are just some of the most common and most detrimental.

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How Can Employers Apply Safety Practices In The Workplace?

All workers, especially those working in more dangerous fields, can be susceptible to an accident or incident at any time. Accidents can always happen, but certain steps can be taken to help prevent them or at least reduce their effects.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is in charge of setting the workplace safety guidelines that employers are required to enforce on job sites.

Inspect The Worksite

Any supervisor is responsible for regularly inspecting their worksite and making sure the environment is as safe as it possibly can be. This includes inspecting equipment for malfunctions and making sure everything is running correctly, as well as maintaining handrails, scaffolding, stairwells, and other structures.

Secure Hazards And Dangerous Materials

All types of materials, ranging from bricks and metal beams to corrosive chemicals and flammable liquids, should be properly stored and secured to minimize the risk of injury. While workers are responsible for handling hazardous materials safely, employers are responsible for making sure worksites are clear of hazards and that there are designated places for materials.

Give Regular Training

While workers must conduct their job tasks safely and follow instructions, employers must provide training and clear instructions to workers so that they can do so. They must ensure that all their workers understand what their tasks entail and how to stay safe while performing them, as well as what to do in case of emergencies.

Provide Safety Gear And Equipment

Using proper safety gear and equipment can significantly reduce or prevent common injuries in case of accidents or incidents. Here, common examples of the kinds of safety gear that workers should wear when on the job include but are not limited to: hard hats, gas masks, goggles, safety glasses, face shields for eye protection, and protective gloves. Note: Additional safety equipment on the jobsite can include harnesses, hoists, ladders, and ramps, among others.

As well, you should know that New York State employers are responsible for providing safety equipment to all workers and instructing them on how and when to use them.

Understanding Worker Rights

Employees have a right to safety in a work environment, and this right is supported by the law. Employers are held to obligations for safety on job sites and can face legal consequences if they do not comply with them.

While there are many things workers can do to stay safe on the job, such as following instructions and refraining from reckless activity, they are protected if they are injured in an accident.

Most employers are also obligated to carry workers’ compensation insurance to provide medical and lost wage coverage to workers who suffer injuries due to a work-related accident or incident.

If your employer is not following OSHA guidelines for safety, you may be able to report them. For more information about what to do if you suspect your employer is not practicing safety guidelines in the workplace, we recommend you get in touch with a seasoned lawyer.

Protecting Your Safety As A Worker

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