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Most Frequently Cited OSHA Violations

Steven Schwartzapfel -Founding Partner Jul 14, 2016

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Worker on Construction Site

The Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) compiles data each year to reflect the number of incidents reported on the job around the country. While Federal OSHA is a small agency, they have partners from around the country that are responsible for the health and safety of millions of workers – and a large majority of those workers are right here in New York. Each year, OSHA releases their annual statistic report, which will go over company numbers and the number of inspections for the previous year. The most important statistics, however, are those that reflect the most common injuries and illnesses – as well as work-related fatalities.

How Many Inspections Were Done in 2015?

OSHA conducted 35,820 federal inspections in 2015 and 43,471 state plan inspections. They have an estimated one compliance officer overseeing every 59,000 workers throughout the country – not nearly enough to protect the workforce.

During their inspections in 2015, OSHA noted that 4,679 workers were killed on the job for 2014 – which averaged 90 per week and 13 deaths each day. Fatal work injuries involving contractors accounted for an estimated 17 percent of all work injuries in 2014.

What Were the Fatal Four?

Out of the 4,251 worker fatalities in 2014, 874 total – or about 20.5 percent – involved construction workers. The leading causes of these deaths, known as the fatal four, were:

  • Falls – It was estimated that 349 out of the total 874 construction deaths were due to a fall.
  • Electrocutions – These accounted for 74 or 8.5 percent of the deaths.
  • Struck by Objects – This includes items falling on the worker, and accounted for 73 deaths or 8.4 percent of the total deaths.
  • Caught in or Between Something – This accounted for 12 or 1.4 percent of the total deaths in construction.

The 10 Most Frequently Found Violations in 2015

When OSHA does their inspections, they compile data that calculates which violations are seen in the workplace. Then, they will release their annual report which will reflect the top ten violations. These are then released to companies around the country to help them better prepare their site for safety, and also to avoid a citation in the future. The ten most frequent violations for 2015 included:

  • Fall protection in the construction field
  • Hazard communication to employees
  • Scaffolding protection – including following general industry requirements in the construction industry
  • Respiratory protection
  • Control of hazardous energy (including lockout/tag out situations)
  • Powered industrial truck violations
  • Ladders and improper use on construction sites
  • Electrical issues – including wiring methods, components, and equipment
  • Machinery and machine guard usage
  • Electrical system design and general requirements

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