If you have a pending or ongoing personal injury claim, it’s normal to wonder how your case can go forward given the current pandemic. After all, dealing with a claim amid the Coronavirus can be incredibly stressful—and unfortunately, the world doesn’t stop for those suffering from a personal injury.

You may still be in pain, medical bills need to get paid, and like millions of other Americans, you might also be out of work.

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If this sounds like you, then it might be time to work with a law firm who can work remotely to resolve your ongoing case.

The good news is that Schwartzapfel® Lawyers is willing and able to work with you no matter the severity of your claim. With decades of expertise and dozens of positive reviews, we know firsthand that families can’t wait when it comes to receiving their compensation—especially if you are unable to work or have been furloughed due to COVID-19.

But before moving forward, it’s good to know what to expect during this complicated time.

The State of the Coronavirus in New York

Throughout the years, New York has experienced a lot. Whether it’s living through unexpected weather, major economic downfalls, or 9/11 itself, New Yorkers have relied on each other to get through these challenging moments in history.

But in the unprecedented moments of a health pandemic, it can be hard to gauge when the world and everyday life will begin again.

With more than 330 thousand positive cases statewide, the entirety of New York City and Long Island is suffering greatly with the majority of cases in these densely-populated regions.

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In response, Governor Cuomo has taken precautions to help aid New Yorkers, such as only allowing essential businesses to remain open. Another example of government action is the writing of relevant legislation, such as the Emergency Coronavirus Affordable Housing Preservation Act of 2020 (ECAHPA).

While it’s hard to know when other business reopenings will happen, many people cannot wait for their attorneys to resume services. Those suffering from a personal injury need assistance immediately, which is why it’s a good idea to consult with a firm that will work their case with adaptive social distancing measures.

How Is the Coronavirus Impacting Injury Cases?

The current pandemic is undoubtedly changing the culture of how the everyday business of law offices operate.

Still, many firms are working to connect with clients in several other ways. Like most Americans, attorneys are working remotely and relying on technology such as video chats, phone calls, texting, and email to connect with each other and their clientele.

Local courts are also operating differently. Since New York is under the order that residents are prohibited from gathering in groups of more than ten people, meeting for a case in the courtroom poses a bit of a challenge. State courts are remaining open, but executive order No. 202.8 says that courts may only do so for essential business, such as child custody cases and other emergencies.

In most instances, jury trials are prohibited until the emergency orders are lifted. However, cases can still be resolved at this time over telecommunication methods. Situations that may not require a jury will be scheduled for an arraignment over Skype, where the Judge, prosecution, and defense can video-call in from remote locations to go over the case matter.

Of course, there is an exception to every rule. For certain serious cases, defendants who have tested negative for COVID-19 may appear in-person at selected courthouses. Positively-tested persons will be detained in a controlled environment to participate in the video call.

Because of these unique circumstances, it can be a challenge for your lawyer to push your case. And with fewer resources and the disallowance of a jury trial, many firms are unable to continue representing their clients until things begin to normalize. This means that settling your case might feel next to impossible since no one can accurately predict when the pandemic’s effects will begin to wane.

What To Do If You Have an Ongoing Case

If you have an ongoing case that has been halted by COVID-19, then the first thing you should know is that you don’t have to wait for your attorney’s office to reopen. Millions of Americans are relying on technology to communicate with each other—and law firms are no different.

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It may be time to work with a firm that is utilizing today’s technology. Even during these uncertain times, a good attorney will work to research and represent your case with the use of video calls and other online means.

What To Do If You Have a New Claim

Even if you don’t have an ongoing case, suffering from a personal injury can happen to anyone at any time. Some of the most common personal injury claims include:

Although the world is currently on pause, Schwartzapfel® Lawyers knows that time doesn’t stop for everybody, especially if you have an ongoing case. We are no stranger to remote working and utilizing technological resources. Whether it’s a video call or over the phone, it’s crucial to find attorneys who are passionate and willing to work your case so that you get the compensation you deserve.

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As experienced lawyers with several offices throughout the great state of New York, we know that your personal injury claim shouldn’t have to wait. We at Schwartzapfel® are taking advantage of remote work, 24/7 computer and phone access, and online video calls for meetings and consultations on new cases.

By adhering to the proper precautions and staying proactive, Schwartzapfel® Lawyers is prepared to offer continued legal services. If you need assistance with your injury claim amid the Coronavirus, then please contact us or call us today at 877-737-4806 so we can get to work FIGHTING FOR YOU®.

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