After a serious injury, you may wonder what your options are for compensation. You may have even contemplated filing a personal injury claim. You know the importance of hiring an attorney to get maximum settlement, but with so many lawyers to choose from in New York, how do you decide? Finding the right personal injury attorney for your case in the state isn’t easy, but you can narrow down the choices just by knowing what to look for – and what factors you can use to weed out all of the choices.

Do I Need a Lawyer?

Deciding if you need an attorney can be a tough decision. You will need to learn about what types of claims you can handle on your own, which are typically small claims court claims – not injury claims. When it comes to serious injuries – and especially those that will require long-term medical care – you should not file a claim and represent yourself. In order to get the settlement that you deserve, you must enlist the help of an experienced personal injury attorney.

How to Find an Attorney Who You Can Trust

You need confidence in the personal injury attorney whom you hire. You do not want to second-guess your own lawyer throughout the process. Some things that you can do to find a great lawyer in the state, who you can trust, include:

  1. Use your own network. Ask around and inquire about anyone who has used a personal injury attorney before – such as friends, family, and coworkers. Typically, someone will know of an attorney him or herself, or know of someone who has used a personal injury attorney in the past.
  2. Check the attorney’s rating. Never hire an attorney without reviewing his or her rating and history with the bar association. The attorney should be in good standing, and an active member of the New York State Bar. You should also use online rating guides (such as those found at Super Lawyers, Avvo and Martindale Peer Reviews) to see what others have to say about a particular attorney.
  3. Remember: Experience is key. A personal injury attorney could have years of experience in handling personal injury claims, or relatively few years handling similar claims. The key is to find an attorney who specializes in your type of injury. If you have suffered from an auto accident injury, then look for attorneys who have several years of experience in auto accident claims alone. Just because they say that they have experience isn’t enough; instead, you need to ask for references and how many cases they’ve specifically handled in that field.
  4. Credentials aren’t as important as you think. While graduating from law school with honors is a great thing, do not assume that graduating with honors, or even attending an ivy league law school, will make one attorney better than another. In fact, some of the best attorneys in the country never went to an ivy league school – and some even graduated with a C” average.

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