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Top Injuries That Result in Workers’ Compensation Claims

Workers’ Compensation
Workers’ compensation insurance is required by law for employers in the state of New York. This type of insurance helps injured workers recover from their work-related injuries. The benefits can include medical expense coverage, death benefits, lost wages, and funds for rehabilitation.

Unfortunately, workplace accidents can and do happen. Sometimes they are the fault of another employee, while other times they could be due to an error on the part of the injured worker. Regardless, workers’ compensation insurance benefits are there to compensate those that are injured.

Most Common Work-Related Injuries That Result in Claims

Workers’ compensation claims vary, but some injuries are more commonly seen than others, including:

  • Overexertion – This occurs when an employee lifts, pulls, or pushes something that causes injury. The injury can be a torn muscle, strain, or even joint damage. It is commonly seen in construction and other industries where physical labor is required.
  • Slips, Trips, and Falls  – Workplaces are meant to be safe, but sometimes slips, trips, and falls still occur. This can happen on snowy sidewalks, wet floors, and when objects are left on the floor.
  • Falling to a Lower Level – A fall to a lower level occurs when an employee falls off a ladder or another object of height. Roofers, for example, can fall from a rooftop while working, and construction workers can fall between floors under construction.
  • Bodily Reactions – This happens when a person trips or tries to avoid falling and still sustains an injury – such as spraining their wrist while catching themselves from a fall. This can happen in just about any industry, even administrative work.
  • Struck by an Object – This can happen when something falls from a shelf or something is dropped by a worker above. It is commonly seen in construction and retail, but can occur even in an office setting.
  • Car Accidents – A lot of workers in New York are required to commute as part of their job. While getting in an accident on your way to work wouldn’t qualify for workers’ compensation, you can claim a car accident injury if your drive was work-related, such as delivering items, heading to a meeting, etc.
  • Machine Accidents – These can involve large, heavy machinery where a worker is crushed or mutilated by the machine itself. Most commonly seen with factory workers, construction workers, and industrial jobs.
  • Repetitive Motion – Repetitive injuries are difficult to determine and hard to prove as work-related. But, if your job requires you to do the same motion repeatedly every day, you may qualify for workers’ compensation when you suffer from a repetitive motion injury. Some industries that commonly see this type of injury include office work and factory work.

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