When Should I Get a Social Security Disability Attorney?

When Should I Get a Social Security Disability Attorney?

Social Security disability is an important benefit for millions of Americans. Unfortunately, navigating this system to get financial support can be difficult at best and opaque, or impossible, at worst.

From the start to the end of the process, you’ll have to fill out a lot of paperwork, answer questions, and provide evidence of your disabilities to receive the benefits you are entitled to.

That’s a lot for anyone to handle alone. You should hire knowledgeable Social Security disability attorneys to assist with your application and the other steps of the process. Let Schwartzapfel Lawyers help with your social security disability case, starting with a free consultation by contacting us at 1-516-342-2200.

What Is a Social Security Disability Attorney?

A Social Security disability law expert is a knowledgeable legal professional who specializes in disability law. They know:

  • How the Social Security disability insurance (SSDI) process works
  • Who has coverage from SSI benefits
  • How qualifying applicants can apply for disability benefits to maximize their results
  • And more!

Social security lawyers are very helpful for Americans who need to recover disability benefits if they can’t work full-time or part-time due to a long-term disability.

Why Hire a Social Security Disability Attorney?

In short, you should hire a Social Security disability attorney, so you receive as many benefits from Social Security as possible.

All Americans who pay into Social Security cantake advantage of Social Security disability benefits if:

  • They are medically disabled in some way – examples include blindness, being hard of hearing or deaf, paralysis, severe conditions such as arthritis, etc.
  • Their disabilities prevent them from working either full-time or part-time (in which case their disability limits their potential income).

When an American is unable to gain substantial income from employment, they theoretically qualify for Social Security disability benefits or Supplemental Security Income (SSI). However, a disabled American must apply for those benefits through a long, sometimes convoluted process.

To learn more now at no charge, contact Schwartzapfel Lawyersonline or at 1-516-342-2200.

How Can I Apply for Social Security Benefits?

First, you must submit a disability benefits application. Next, you must wait for Social Security to review your case, which should include evidence of your disability and how it impacts your ability to work. If your claim is approved, you’ll eventually start receiving Social Security checks in the mail.

If it is denied, you’ll have to go through the appeals process to try to convince Social Security to revise its decision and possibly meet with an administrative law judge to review your medical condition. These judges specialize in reviewing disability cases and determining which claimants’ impairments warrant reconsideration after their initial application is denied.

A qualified Social Security disability attorney can help you through every step of the disability hearing process. In action, a good lawyer can make all the difference when you are first applying for benefits, as well as when you are seeking to appeal a decision made against you.

More importantly, a Social Security disability attorney will minimize the chance that your social security disability application is rejected in the first place.

Social Security disability attorneys know what to look for, the evidence you should present to maximize your Social Security disability claim’s strength, and so on. They can also provide sound legal counsel and advise you on matters including but not limited to:

  • When you should apply for SSD benefits (and how benefits eligibility works)
  • What you should highlight in your benefits application package
  • How much you will likely receive from the Social Security disability program in terms of monthly payments
  • What to do if your claim is rejected by the social security system

It’s much harder to acquire Social Security benefits by yourself, so consider hiring an attorney as early as you can. Since Social Security disability attorneys are paid based on what you receive from Social Security in many cases, you don’t have to worry about increasing your financial burdens while you wait for benefits, either.

Should You Get a Social Security Disability Attorney Before Applying for Benefits?

By far, the best time to hire a Social Security disability attorney is before you start applying for benefits. If you hire an attorney prior to filing your claim, your attorney can help by:

  • Ensuring that your claim is drafted correctly and filed through the proper channel(s).
  • Improving your application claim by adding new evidence, citing accurate legal precedents, forming solid arguments, , and more.

In short: The right Social Security disability attorney can massively improve the strength of your application from the get-go.

Thus, whenever possible, you should consult with a knowledgeable, experienced Social Security disability attorney before turning in any legal paperwork. Moreover, you can use the attorney’s free consultation or case evaluation to ask key questions such as:

  • How the attorney will approach your case
  • Whether the attorney has any experience handling disability applications such as yours (i.e., they have helped applicants with similar disabilities recover maximum benefits)
  • And more!

For more information, call Schwartzapfel Lawyers and speak with one of our in-house Social Security Disability attorneys today. Simply dial 1-516-342-2200 and allow us to handle the rest!

The Earlier, the Better

That’s right. The earlier you get a Social Security disability attorney on your case, the better your claim will likely be. More importantly, a Social Security disability attorney can maximize the chances of you receiving more benefits from Social Security than you would otherwise.

While it’s possible to hire a Social Security disability attorney after applying for benefits, you may see fewer advantages. Furthermore, an attorney can do nothing to change a disability benefits claim you’ve already submitted. They can only wait for a response and try to assist your case from there.

Can You Hire a Social Security Disability Attorney After Applying for Benefits?

Yes. If you have already started your benefits claim, a Social Security disability attorney can still provide invaluable assistance. For example, if you are waiting for a decision, you can hire a Social Security disability attorney, so they’re ready to assist when you hear back.

However, please note that Social Security disability lawyers won’t have much to do until your claim has been determined (and a decision has been made, one way or another). If an attorney claims that they can expedite your claim, do not believe them.

Even if your hired attorney gives the Social Security Administration a call, they can’t actually force Social Security to expedite the process. In fact, the SSA is more likely to process your claim at the exact same speed it would have before.

Therefore, you could just waste valuable money hiring a Social Security disability attorney after applying for benefits and while waiting for a decision. It’s smarter to hire an attorney after you hear back from Social Security one way or the other.

What About Hiring a Social Security Disability Attorney After Your Claim is Denied?

Most people hire Social Security disability attorneys after their claims have been denied and they want help throughout the appeals process, whether in district court or federal court. Social Security disability attorneys are most helpful if your claim has been denied because they can:

  • Fix issues with your application, such as amending incorrect information
  • Improve your application by recommending different sources of evidence to prove your disability
  • Ensure that your appeals paperwork is filed correctly and on time

Above all else, a Social Security disability attorney can help you ensure that you present your disability claim with the most reliable and valuable evidence possible. Your attorney may have you gather evidence, such as:

  • Comprehensive and recent medical records that show a common narrative of your disability and how it limits or prevents you from working
  • Work records and work history that demonstrates how you paid into Social Security and are, thus, entitled to benefits
  • Eyewitness and personal testimonials, such as journal records, showing how your disability affects your everyday life

If your disability is particularly limiting, a knowledgeable Social Security disability attorney may be able to gather much of this evidence on your behalf from your doctor or other medical professionals. Contact Schwartzapfel Lawyers today either online or at 1-516-342-2200, and allow us the privilege of fighting for you™ both inside and outside the courtroom!

How to Choose the Right Social Security Disability Attorney

While a Social Security disability attorney can be a major help to your benefits application, you need to hire the right law firm. You can tell that a Social Security disability attorney is right for your case by looking for several important factors.

First, your Social Security disability attorney should have extensive experience in this area of the law. Don’t hire a generalized attorney or a law firm that specializes in another area of the law, like auto accident lawsuits. Hire knowledgeable, experienced attorneys who know both federal and state law regarding Social Security disability benefits.

Next, make sure that a disability attorney has excellent reviews online and, if possible, in person. Check sites like Yelp and Google to see the firm’s reputation from past or current clients. This will give you a good idea of what you can expect should you choose to hire them for your legal needs.

Then attend a free consultation or case evaluation with a Social Security disability attorney before hiring them. In this consultation, you should ask key questions like:

  • How the attorney takes their fee. A good attorney should charge you a similar amount as other attorneys in this industry. Typically, disability attorneys charge either the lesser of 25% of your disability back pay (the money that Social Security owes you from the time period covering the benefits application process) or $6,000. If an attorney charges you a different fee, move on, as this fee structure is regulated by federal law.
  • Whether the attorney has experience in cases like yours.
  • Who will handle your case if the law firm has many lawyers present.

By asking questions in meeting with a lawyer before hiring them, you’ll have a better idea of who they are, how they operate, and whether they are the best choice for you.

Contact Schwartzapfel Lawyers Today

In the end, a Social Security disability attorney can help you at any point in the disability benefits process. However, it’s best to hire a knowledgeable attorney as quickly as possible. The sooner your attorney starts on your case, the more benefits they can provide – and the greater likelihood you’ll receive maximum Social Security disability compensation for your needs.

For decades, Schwartzapfel Lawyers has served New Yorkers just like you by helping them reach successful outcomes with their disability benefits cases, medical malpractice lawsuits, workers’ compensation claims, and other legal needs. What’s more is that there’s no need to wait. You can take the first steps toward protecting your financial future by contacting us today at 1-516-342-2200!


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