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The Best Places to Visit in Manhattan, NY

Manhattan is a bustling, busy metropolis with much to see and do. But if you’re a first-time visitor, you can easily find yourself overwhelmed with the dazzling variety of places to visit and experiences to enjoy.

As NYC natives, Schwartzapfel Lawyers knows the places to visit in Manhattan that you should add to your itinerary. Whether you’re a fan of museums or want to see New York’s amazing architecture, read on. For information about our legal services and how we can assist with personal injury, auto accident, and other cases, contact us today at 1-516-342-2200

Lady Liberty

Why not start with Lady Liberty herself, the Statue of Liberty? Lady Liberty sits off the coast of Manhattan, so it’s technically not a part of the city. Still, it’s such an iconic part of NYC altogether that we highly recommend checking it out at least once.

You can visit Lady Liberty by boat and take an official tour. During the tour, you’ll learn more about its history, including how it was delivered to the American people by France in 1886. Liberty Island also contains a few extra memorials and historical exhibits, plus a charming gift shop where you can pick up souvenirs.

Empire State Building

You can’t forget the Empire State Building, which was finished in 1931. Even today, it is incredibly iconic thanks to its Art Deco architectural style. The Empire State Building extends 1,454 feet into the air and, for approximately forty (40) years, was the undisputed tallest building in the world.

It still looms large in Manhattan, and you can visit an observation deck on the 86th floor. Keep in mind, however, that this is a very popular tourist attraction, so you want to arrive early in order to get the best sights of the city.

Central Park

Central Park is Manhattan’s natural, serene glade in the middle of a metropolitan jungle. It’s also the world’s most famous public park. Central Park is so large, clocking in at 843 acres, that you can wander for hours without seeing a single concrete building.

Feel free to spread out on a picnic blanket when you visit Central Park, or check out the Central Park Zoo if you have kids to spend a few fun hours. You can also use Central Park as a scenic place to jog if you like to run.

The Met Museum of Art

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, or “the Met,” opened in 1880 and is as impressive now as it was then. The Met is just as famous as the Louvre in Paris, so it’s a must-see experience for art lovers or fans of history.

There are approximately two million items in the Met’s permanent collection, meaning you’ll have to spend several hours at minimum to absorb just a tiny fraction of everything it has to offer. One piece of advice: try to visit the Met several times over a few days so you don’t get burned out and so you don’t feel tempted to skip past some of the exhibits.

Top of the Rock

The Top of the Rock is at the top of Rockefeller Center, and it’s definitely a destination you should hit when visiting Manhattan. The Top of the Rock is a three-level observation deck. The two lowest floors have protected glass, while the topmost level of the experience has 360°, fully unobstructed views of the Manhattan cityscape.

Even better, you can check out indoor historical and art exhibits. It’s an excellent way to spend a few hours in the middle of the day, when the bright New York City sunshine will allow you to see for miles in all directions.

One World Observatory

One World Observatory is atop the tallest building in the United States, World Trade Center. One World Observatory lets you take in breathtaking, panoramic views of Manhattan on the 100th, 101st, and 102nd levels.

This experience is particularly memorable because it begins with a trip on the Sky Pod elevators, which are among the fastest elevators in the world. On the 100th floor, you can check out City Pulse, which showcases well-designed, high-definition videos that feature iconic New York City neighborhoods and landmarks. 

Also, be sure not to forget to visit the Sky Portal, which is a 14-foot wide circular disk where you can take in the hustle and bustle of the city street far below.

Chrysler Building

The Chrysler Building is another example of the Art Deco architecture that cropped up all throughout Manhattan around 100 years ago. It’s a beautiful, architecturally distinctive skyscraper with triangle-shaped windows and a sophisticated aesthetic through and through.

Unfortunately, you can’t visit the Chrysler Building as a tourist like you can the Empire State Building. That said, NYC is building a new observation deck for future use. Right now, you can check out the Art Deco lobby, which is open to the public.

American Museum of Natural History

In the mood for another museum? Check out the American Museum of Natural History, which contains the only 94-foot blue whale model in the entire world, in addition to a 122-foot cast of a Titanosaur fossil!

As if that wasn’t enough, here you can wander past extensive exhibits of taxidermied animals, or, if you’re a mineral enthusiast, you can stroll through the Hall of Gems.

Have your eye on the sky? In that case, you might try the Hayden Planetarium, which has enough amazing and bewildering exhibits to keep you entranced for hours on end.

The High Line

The High Line is an aerial walkway that offers views of the city unlike anywhere else. Built on an abandoned railway track, it’s a resourceful use of the limited space on Manhattan Island. Adding to the charm of the experience, a plethora of wildflowers, grasses, and bushes will join you as you go along, hundreds of feet above the busy streets below.

Rockefeller Center

Built by John D. Rockefeller over a hundred years ago, even then the site attracted plenty of attention. Today, however, is another story, with over 350,000 visitors stopping by each year. And if you arrive early enough, you can try to get on The Today Show (NBC) during its morning taping. You can even check out the NBC Studio Tour, which covers the history of the popular television network.

And if you visit Manhattan during Christmas time, you’ll be able to check out the 70-foot tall Christmas tree that looms over the Rockefeller Center Plaza ice rink.

Grand Central Station

Grand Central Station was opened in 1913 and immediately became an iconic hub of transit and travel. It’s still used by thousands of commuters each day, and it’s notable for its Beaux-Arts architectural style, which marries old-school aesthetics with practical functionality.

If you visit, be sure to note the four-faced opal clock in addition to the ceiling, which is adorned with various constellations. The Grand Concourse even includes a charming restaurant where you can grab a bite to eat while watching the world rush by.

Times Square

Times Square is an iconic element of Manhattan, so it’s definitely something to visit whether you are a tourist for the first time or have been to NYC in the past and want to take advantage of excellent shopping opportunities. Make no mistake, Times Square is incredibly busy, so it can be somewhat hazardous to traverse during rush hour.

If, however, you visit in the middle of the day or after rush hour in the evening, you should be able to find space enough to bask in the lights and advertisements of this historic square. To this end, it’s also worth noting that Times Square is home to many popular shops and retailers, including a giant M&M store!

The Flatiron Building

Last but not least, consider visiting the historic Flatiron Building, which was originally constructed in 1902. The Flatiron Building is an iconic pyramidal structure you probably recognize from Hollywood films, such as the original Spiderman movies.

Note: At the time of this writing, the Flatiron Building is empty for an extensive renovation, which should be completed soon. Still, it’s a great place to snap a couple photos to commemorate your visit to Manhattan.

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All in all, there’s almost too much to see and do in Manhattan, especially if it’s your first visit. Our advice? Try not to see everything in one day or one visit. Instead, plan to come back to Manhattan a few times to truly absorb everything the city has to offer.

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