building safetyBuilding Safety Month (BSM), was created by the International Code Council (ICC) to help raise public awareness among families, businesses, and individuals to understand what it takes to create safe structures in the United States. This campaign reinforces the need for safety in terms of using today’s building codes, using a stronger and more efficient system for monitoring such compliance, and only allowing well-trained professionals to work on such structures.

The campaign created a worldwide response and a diverse partnership among other safety companies, government organizations, corporations, construction companies, and more.

This Year’s Theme

Every year, the ICC comes up with a theme to represent their purpose for BSM. This year’s theme focuses on Building Codes: Driving Growth through Innovation, Resilience, and Safety. Each week of May, there will be weekly themes and lessons that the ICC will issue to those participating in the safety council. These themes include finding building solutions for all ages, the science behind building codes, how to learn from the past and build for tomorrow, and why building codes (and compliance with them) is a smart investment for the future.

Preventing Injuries at Work – The Importance of Building Codes

Building codes, while a hindrance for some projects, were created for a reason. They are what helps this country produce sustainable, safe buildings. They are used to build everything from industrial warehouses to apartment buildings and residential homes. It is imperative that construction companies follow these codes – regardless of how cumbersome they may be on their project.

The History of BSM

Building Safety Month has been around for over 36 years. Its members have celebrated the advancements that this month has brought to the industry as a whole, including creating safer, more sustainable, and affordable buildings and homes across the country. The ongoing support of the event, and the importance officials play in public safety, are at the forefront of BSM.

Doing Your Part

Whether you are an architect, construction worker, or you own a construction company, there are things that you can do to contribute to Building Safety Month. These things include:

  1. Promoting BSM through your chapter activities.
  2. Setting up informational booths at your local hardware store, or even in your facility.
  3. Visiting local schools and giving presentations discussing the importance of safety.
  4. Sending news releases to customers and vendors about building codes and compliance.
  5. Posting building codes throughout your company, and ensuring that all employees are educated on the latest codes.

Were You Injured by an Unsafe Structure?

Despite the advancements in technology and compliance, there are still those who choose to ignore building safety codes – leaving some buildings unsuitable for entry. If you or a loved one was seriously injured by a defect in a building, you may be entitled to compensation. Contact Schwartzapfel® Lawyers P.C. today for a free consultation at 1-516-342-2200 or fill out our online contact form with your questions.

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