Few chronic discomforts can be as debilitating and frustrating to live with as lower back pain. After all, lower back pain can flare up when you stand up, when you walk around, and even when you sit down to tackle some work.

Knowing how to relieve lower back pain is important for everyone, especially those who have been in an auto accident, workplace accident, or other incidents that led to lower back injuries. To learn more about ways you can relieve lower back pain, please read on.

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What Is Lower Back Pain?

Lower back pain affects almost everyone sooner or later. In fact, according to the World Health Organization, lower back pain affected (619) million people around the world in 2020, with further projections estimating (843) million yearly cases by 2050.

While most lower back pain comes and goes or can be treated if it is relatively mild or short-term, other individuals experience chronic back pain. Approximately 23% of adults around the world experience chronic lower back pain, stemming from lifestyle habits, workplace motions, accidents, and more.

Lower back pain can range from minor to severe and can be intermittent/rare or chronic. Depending on the cause of your lower back pain, it might feel like a dull ache or a sharper, knife-like sensation when you stand up, bend over, or move your back in some other way.

What Are The Causes Of Lower Back Pain?

Lower back pain can be caused by many actions, events, and long-term activities or habits. For example, some individuals experience lower back pain because of bad posture or because of how long they sit each day. Holding the body in poor posture may cause gradual bending of the spine, leading to chronic discomfort and other mobility issues.

Now, aerobic errors and maintaining an unhealthy weight are among the most common factors contributing to back pain, as well as discomfort in areas such as the abdominal muscles.

However, other lower back pain may be caused by accidents or injuries. For example, car accidents can lead to lower back pain due to whiplash, which causes a victim’s spine to bend roughly upon impacting another car or other hazard.

Similarly, lower back pain could be due to a slip and fall accident, a workplace accident, or any other injuring incident. Lower back pain is more common among individuals who suffer accidents or injuries. If your lower back pain is directly caused because of the negligence of another party, like a coworker, supervisor, or fellow driver, you could have sufficient grounds for a lawsuit.

In addition to the above, long-term conditions that you may need to see a physical therapist for, like sciatica, osteoporosis, or spinal stenosis, can also lead to back pain and sprains. Whatever the cause of back pain you experience, you need to know how to address this health condition quickly and practice effective pain management.

Is Lower Back Pain Permanent?

Lower back pain can be permanent or intermittent. It all depends on the injury or the root cause of your lower back pain.

For instance, if your lower back pain is caused by spinal damage, it’s more likely to be permanent in some shape or form without surgery or other advanced medical intervention. This can cost quite a lot of money, so you may wish to sue the at-fault party for your lower back pain to recover enough money to get medical treatment.

Other types of lower back pain could be temporary. As an example, if you have lower back pain because you are a tall individual and you slouch, you could potentially treat that lower back pain progressively by correcting your posture and by undertaking other muscle stretching exercises. Gentle stretching can relieve these core muscles, like the lumbar muscles, and reduce the likelihood of muscle spasms.

If you are worried about the permanence of your lower back pain, it’s a good idea to talk to medical professionals. They can diagnose you with any possible conditions, help you choose the best treatment path going forward, and provide further assistance.

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How Can You Relieve Lower Back Pain?

While lower back pain is never enjoyable, there are ways to relieve it and minimize your symptoms at home or with the assistance of experienced medical professionals.

Get A Massage

A massage could do wonders to relieve lower back pain. You can either seek out a massage at home from someone you trust or visit a professional masseuse.

In either case, a massage works and relaxes the muscles around your lower spine, relieving pressure that could accumulate because of stress, poor posture, and other factors. A massage may further provide mental relief for chronic lower back pain symptoms. In some cases, those suffering from lower back pain feel stressed because they are uncomfortable all day.

A massage can lead to physical and mental benefits, especially when you get one regularly.

Try Hot/Cold Therapy

Alternatively, you can try hot and cold therapy, which involves first applying a hot element like a warm washcloth or hot pack to your lower back, then replacing it with a cold pack or bag of ice.

The hot element relaxes the muscles by warming them up and expanding their fibers. At the same time, the warmth can be soothing to your skin and the tissue of your lower back. This is a popular pain relief pursuit for athletes for just this reason.

Next, the cold element, like an ice pack, numbs the affected muscles and nerves in your lower back, moderating any pain you may experience afterward. Combined, hot and cold therapy can do wonders to relieve chronic lower back pain and to make your body comfortable enough to fully relax.

You can make your own hot and cold therapy with the above items, like a warm washcloth and an ice pack, or you can purchase hot/cold packs at the store.

Take OTC Medications

Many over-the-counter (OTC) medications could be beneficial when treating your lower back pain. Nonprescription pain relievers may help with muscle stiffness, aches, nerve pain, and more.

If you choose this lower back pain relief option, you have two primary choices: nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) and acetaminophen.

NSAIDs include medications like ibuprofen, naproxen, and aspirin. These are very effective medications because they lower the inflammation that can lead to tenderness, swelling, and lower back pain, along with ancillary symptoms. Acetaminophen is also effective at relieving lower back pain, but it does not target inflammation, so it’s only appropriate if you don’t experience this symptom.

In either case, you can get these medications without a doctor’s prescription, making them accessible and affordable means to relieve lower back pain.


Gentle exercise like tai chi, swimming, or even just stretching can promote blood flow to help the healing process along. Additionally, light physical activity can aid with weight loss. Because not being at a healthy weight can be a cause of back pain, it stands to reason that losing weight can be part of the solution. Plus, regular exercise is recommended to aid your overall wellness, too.

Rub Creams On The Area

Some medicated creams, salves, patches, and ointments can also assist with lower back pain, particularly if it feels chronically sore or tense. That’s because many of the best medicated creams have ingredients like lidocaine, menthol, or camphor. These can heat, numb, or cool the affected area.

To use these creams effectively, put them right on the area where you feel the most lower back pain. Wait a little bit for them to take effect, then relax.

Get Physical Therapy And Medical Advice

However, some lower back pain can’t easily be solved with home remedies or solutions. If your lower back pain is particularly intense or if it is chronic, you should seek out physical therapy or get some medical advice from your doctor.

Medical professionals can analyze your lower back and determine the source of your back pain and how best to treat it. For chronic back pain, physical therapy might be necessary.

Physical therapy will involve teaching you different poses, stretches, and other exercises you can use to strengthen the lower back muscles around your spine and prevent cramps. Physical therapy might be necessary after an auto accident or other injuring incident that causes severe lower back pains.

Of course, medical consultations and physical therapy can be costly. As such, if your lower back pain is directly due to the result of someone else’s negligence or maliciousness, you could sue them for damages and use that money to pay for your medical bills.

Getting Compensated For Your Lower Back Pain

As noted earlier, lower back pain can often be caused by auto accidents, slip and fall accidents, workplace accidents, and more. If you believe you have grounds for a lawsuit, you should speak to knowledgeable personal injury attorneys right away.

Schwartzapfel Lawyers have the experience and resources to help you no matter the details of your injuring incident. For example, if you were injured in an auto accident and you now have chronic lower back pain, you can come to us and explain the details of your case. We’ll help you determine whether you have grounds for an auto accident lawsuit (which can be tricky to know for certain because New York is a no-fault state) and more.

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Damages For Lower Back Pain

You shouldn’t think of lower back pain as an overall minor or unserious condition. If left unchecked, lower back pain can eventually become debilitating and prevent you from moving around, completing your work, or going to the workplace.

Because of this, you could sue someone for lower back pain damages. If you are successful, you may recover damages and financial compensation for:

  • Past and future medical bills
  • Lost income from the time you have to spend away from work
  • Lost job opportunities
  • Pain and suffering and other noneconomic damages
  • And more!

Moreover, if your lower back pain is associated with a disability that limits your mobility, whether it’s temporary or permanent, you may be eligible for extra compensation.

That said, you’ll stand the best chance of recovering maximum compensation with the right attorneys at your side.

How Can Attorneys Help With Your Lower Back Pain Damages?

The right law firm can provide a wide range of assistance to your case depending on its specifics and its type. For example, Schwartzapfel Lawyers can help by:

  • Providing sound legal counsel throughout the duration of your legal processes. We can tell you whether you should sue another party, whether you should pursue arbitration, or whether you should pursue some other form of legal recourse (such as asking for hazard pay from your employer).
  • Gathering evidence on your behalf. When you have lower back pain, it can be difficult or uncomfortable at best to gather evidence from police stations, eyewitnesses, and so on. Your lawyers can do this for you.
  • Representing you in court if needed. If you sue another party and it goes to trial, your lawyers will tell you what to say and how to say it in a way that effectively represents your best interests.

You’re already dealing with and recovering from lower back pain. You don’t need to put even more weight on your shoulders. Skilled lawyers can significantly lighten the load and help you recover much more quickly.

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