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What Types Of Knee Injuries Can Occur At Work?

There are various kinds of work-related knee injuries that can occur. Below, we’ll explore several types to gain a better understanding of the potential injuries.

Repetitive Stress

Repetitive stress injuries are injuries to the knee that occur when the same motion or movement takes place over a long period of time, hence the name:

  • Tendonitis: Tendonitis is an inflamed tendon. This often occurs due to repetitive motion. Jobs like carpet laying and bricklaying are common culprits here.
  • Bursitis: This inflammation of the small fluid sacs near the joint of the knee can be the result of trauma or sustained pressure. Occupations like plumbing, floor installing, and even cleaning put you at higher risk.
  • Osteoarthritis: Also known as “wear and tear,” this can be a lingering issue for many workers. It frequently appears in miners, farm workers, and car mechanics.


The complete opposite of repetitive stress injuries, one-time injuries are just that — injuries to the knee that occur all at once. Here are some of the most common instances that cause such injuries:

  • Slip and Fall Accidents: A slippery surface or an unexpected obstacle can be disastrous, especially in industries like transportation and warehousing.
  • Impact Injuries: Colliding with a piece of machinery or other heavy objects is another scenario often encountered in sectors like construction and healthcare.

Other Work-Related Knee Injuries

Specific injuries that can occur in the knees during work include but are not limited to:

  • Injured anterior cruciate ligament (ACL)
  • Patella fracture
  • Injured collateral ligament
  • Tibia or fibula fracture
  • Injured posterior cruciate ligament
  • Strains and sprains
  • Meniscus tears
  • Knee dislocation
  • Tendon tears

Occupations like police and fire protection work, utilities, and mining also see a high rate of these knee injuries. A 2015 study from the NIH found that government workers are twice as likely to suffer knee injuries on the job, resulting in time away from work.

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What Should You Know About Treatment For Knee Injuries?

First, you should prioritize informing your manager or employer as soon as possible after sustaining a knee injury while at work. Next, you should document the incident any symptoms, like pain or mobility issues. To this end, you should seek professional medical help without delay. This is because the sooner you have your injury looked at, the better it will be for your health in the long run.

RICE Routine And OTC Aids

Ever heard of RICE? It stands for rest, ice, compression, and elevation. Following the RICE method can significantly aid in reducing pain and swelling associated with a knee injury, promoting faster recovery. Additionally, over-the-counter medications like ibuprofen may help manage pain and inflammation.

Surgical Methods

If you’re dealing with something more severe, like an ACL tear or a torn meniscus, it’s likely that surgery will be on the agenda. The same goes for fractures to your patella, tibia, and/or fibula. Post-surgery, you can anticipate a tour de force with a cast or splint, followed by physical therapy.

Workers’ Comp Entitlements And Pitfalls

If the knee injury happened at work or while in the performance of job-related duties — or even developed over time due to work-related activities — you should be covered by workers’ compensation.

However, insurance companies sometimes try to deny workers’ comp claims, arguing the injury is unrelated to work tasks. They might even downplay the severity of your injury to wriggle out of payouts.

Consult A Workers’ Comp Attorney

If you encounter obstacles with your claim, a qualified skilled workers’ compensation attorney can help straighten things out. Reach out to Schwartzapfel Lawyers at 516-342-2200 or visit us online today. We’ll be happy to work with you to find a viable solution for your situation.

What Is The Average Compensation For Knee Injuries?

When it comes to workplace knee injuries, you’re not just grappling with physical pain and lost time but also with financial implications. According to the National Safety Council, the average cost of a knee injury claim is a not-so-small $32,622, encompassing both medical expenses and lost wages.

If you find yourself knee-deep in paperwork for a workers’ comp claim, this figure might just be the linchpin during your lump-sum settlement discussions.

Settlement Estimates By Severity

Now, not all knee injuries are created equal. Compensation varies based on the nature and extent of the injury. Here’s a quick guide:

  • Mild Injuries: Think contusions, bursitis, and tendonitis. Estimated settlements range from $1,000 to $21,748.
  • Moderate to Severe Injuries: This category includes fractures, minor tears, and sprains. Here, you’re looking at an estimated $21,748 to $32,622 in settlement amounts.
  • Extremely Severe Injuries: We’re talking the big league issues like torn ligaments and amputations. Settlements start at $32,622 and can climb significantly higher depending on the case specifics.

Time Constraints

It’s not just about how much but also about when. Keep an eye on the clock. From the moment you sustain a knee injury at work or while in the performance of job-related duties, a (120)-day window opens for you to report it. But if you’re looking to file a claim, mark three years from the date of injury on your calendar. Miss these deadlines, and you might just be kissing those compensation dollars goodbye.

A Lawyer’s Role

Getting knee-deep into the legalese of workers’ comp can be overwhelming. An experienced attorney can be a strategic ally, helping you navigate the maze of workers’ comp claims. If you’re debating whether to file for benefits, consult an attorney sooner rather than later. Their knowledge could spell the difference between a fair settlement and a missed opportunity.

As you can see, your knee injury could be worth anywhere from a few thousand dollars to potentially much more. Settlement amounts are largely determined by the severity of your injury.

And time is of the essence, so respect the deadlines to maximize your benefits. If your knee’s given out on the job, don’t wait. Your next steps, both literally and legally, could greatly influence your financial future.

You Might Be Entitled To More Than You Think

If you’re facing a knee injury from your job, remember that time is of the essence. You may be entitled to compensation for lost wages, including contributions to annuities, pensions, and other retirement benefits.

Schwartzapfel Lawyers can help you maintain your rights throughout this process. Call 516-342-2200 right away. You have a limited time to collect all the money and benefits you’re entitled to.

What Should You Do After A Knee Injury At Work?

For starters, it’s vital to seek immediate medical attention. As we’ve emphasized before, medical urgency cannot be overstated. Don’t hit the snooze button on this one; consult a healthcare professional as quickly as possible to assess your condition and outline a treatment plan.

Choose Your Doctor

Contrary to popular belief, you aren’t handcuffed to your employer’s preferred medical provider. Feel free to consult a doctor you’re comfortable with for your diagnosis and treatment. After all, familiarity in medical settings can be reassuring and promote better communication.

Lawyer Up

Navigating the labyrinthine world of workers’ comp claims is not your typical Sunday stroll. This is where Schwartzapfel Lawyers enter the picture. Specializing in New York Construction Accidents, we’re well-versed in the nuances of workers’ comp law and can guide you through this maze with precision and skill.

Don’t Procrastinate

Time is of the essence. Missed deadlines can slam shut the window of opportunity for compensation. Remember, one call to 516-342-2200 may save you a great deal of trouble later on.

Why does this matter? A few reasons:

  • Immediate medical intervention is crucial for accurate diagnosis and effective treatment.
  • You have the right to choose your own medical provider.
  • A knowledgeable workers’ comp attorney can serve as your advocate both in and out of court.
  • Time-sensitive actions are critical, and missing a deadline can cost you.

Your next moves involve a blend of prompt medical care, legal wisdom, and a keen eye on the ticking clock. Take these steps seriously, and you might just sidestep the potential pitfalls that can accompany a workplace knee injury.

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