Five Tips for Finding the Right Personal Injury Attorney for Your Case

personal injury attorney

You have been injured and you know that you need professional help – how do you choose from the plethora of personal injury attorneys in the state of New York? It is important to find the attorney who is right for you, as well as your case.

But, how do you decide if an attorney is right for you?

Finding the right attorney is similar to finding any other type of specialist – you need to do your due diligence. While it will take some time, taking these steps ensures that you find an attorney who has your best interests at the forefront of his or her work – and can possibly increase the settlement amount of your claim.

Use Your Own Network

You may know someone who has used a personal injury attorney before – such as a family member, friend, or coworker. Trust people you know for personal references, and even ask for them to reach out to their own network for more suggestions. Make sure you let friends, family, and network members know that you are looking for a personal injury attorney – not an attorney who occasionally handles personal injury claims. This will ensure that you get the most compensation for your case.

Check the Bar Association Records

The New York State Bar Association will have names and contact information for local personal injury attorneys. It will also allow you to search and see if an attorney has any pending actions against them, reprimands,or the like in his or her file. It is important to look for disciplinary hearings and their outcomes before meeting with a specific attorney.

Use the Internet

The internet is a valuable tool for finding a personal injury attorney. Use a standard web search and enter the specific terms of your injury, such as a car accident attorney,” and then the location. This will help to narrow down the choices and make sure that the query brings up relevant attorneys.

After you have a prospective list, research each attorney’s website. See what other services are offered, and if personal injury is his or her primary specialty.

Ask Your Insurer

If your case involves an insurance company, such as homeowner’s or auto insurance, check with the insurer for their attorney recommendations.

Schedule a Consultation

Even after you have a list of potential attorneys, you need to speak with them in person to decide if they are the right attorney for you. Most attorneys offer a free consultation – ranging from 30 minutes to an hour. During this time, you can show the attorney your case, get his or her opinion, and also get a feel for that individual attorney. You want an attorney who you can easily talk to, one who takes the time to understand your case, and one who gives you an honest opinion about your claim. If you do not feel comfortable talking with your attorney, you may want to consider a different one. It is important that you can establish a relationship with your lawyer and easily communicate with him or her.

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