Day Care Safety Tips

Selecting a daycare provider is by far one of the most stressful decisions any parent will ever have to make. From researching the best providers to finding ones that are close enough to work and still affordable, parents certainly have their work cut out for them. If you are looking for a new daycare center for your child, there are things you will need to consider before making your final selection. By taking your time to perform a little due diligence you can ensure you find a provider that is safe.

Visit the Facility Regularly

Before selecting a daycare facility, visit the facility several times to get a feel for how they operate, and how they are at different times of the day. You want to make sure there are enough workers for every child there – with at least one adult for every three to four children present.

Take a thorough look at the space as well and look for signs of childproofing, adequate toys based on the ages of the children being watched, and of course, how cleanly the space is. Touring the daycare facility yourself and seeing all areas – including kitchen prep areas, bathrooms, etc. can give you a better idea of how the facility operates on a day-to-day basis. It is best if you drop by unannounced so that the facility does not have time to put on their best look – and you get a true look into how they operate.

Ask for Credentials and Investigate Them

When asked, a facility should be able to present their credentials. This includes state and national accreditation programs – which help prove that they meet all quality control and training requirements. Also, make sure the facility is state-licensed through New York as well as their city. If there are special needs services being offered, ask to see their training and credentials for special needs.

Also, if the daycare is offering a learning program, ask to see the credentials of those that are in charge of instructing children – especially if you are using a preschool/daycare facility.

Know the Signs of Abuse and Report Them

Watch for the signs of abuse and always be mindful of what your child is saying or exhibiting. If your child comes home with unexplained cuts or bruises, question them as well as the facility. Also, look at your child’s overall appearance and make sure that they are clean, their diapers are changed regularly and they have a positive attitude when they come home. If your child refuses to return to daycare or does not want to, it may be a sign that they are being abused or mistreated at the facility.

If you have a bad feeling about a daycare facility, remove your child right away and report them.

Was Your Child Injured by a Negligent Daycare Worker?

Daycare facilities are required to not only care for children, but ensure their safety at all times. If your child was injured because of negligent supervision or the direct actions of a daycare worker, contact the attorneys at Schwartzapfel® Lawyers, P.C. now. We will aggressively protect your right to compensation, so call us at 1-877-737-4806 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation.

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