Our clients were two union laborers who were working on a construction site in Suffolk County, digging a trench so they could install some pipes.  A car crash occurred between two vehicles which caused one of the cars to plow into our clients, pinning one of them between the car and a construction vehicle.

Bleeding, broken, and unaware as to whether they would survive, our clients were rushed to the hospital.  Both clients suffered devastating injuries to their feet and legs causing them to undergo a combined more than a dozen surgeries and ultimately one underwent an amputation of his leg.  Needless to say, our clients were both unable to return to work and provide financial support to their families.  Instead, they were left with a weekly workers’ compensation check which paled in comparison to what they were making.

This incident could have been completely avoided but for the blatant safety violations of the distracted drivers on the roadway.  Our office conducted an investigation right away which included a site inspection, obtaining multiple witness statements, subpoenaing cell phone records and traffic light data, as well as hiring a multitude of experts including an accident reconstructionist.

The case went to trial and after five weeks of testimony before a Suffolk County jury, we were able to obtain life-changing settlements for both of our clients.  Despite the settlement, the jury had deliberated and reached a verdict that would have been completely favorable to our clients.

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