Supporting You in Your Quest for Justice

You may be in a unique position to know about criminal activity or fraud and have the opportunity to alert law enforcement of the wrongful acts. By doing so, you can stop continued fraud and the help authorities recover the lost money. However, reasonably, you may be concerned that you could face backlash from an employer, client, vendor or other entity that you are reporting. The whistleblower laws protect you from retribution. In addition, you could be awarded money for your actions.

For more than three decades, Schwartzapfel Lawyers P.C. has helped whistleblowers throughout New York collect money for reporting fraud to the authorities. A New York City qui tam attorney at our firm will guide you through the process of reporting wrongdoing and filing a qui tam lawsuit to recoup money from the fraudulent party. We also protect your rights against retaliation for doing the right thing.

How Qui Tam Works

Qui tam predominantly dates back to Lincoln’s presidency when the False Claims Act included provisions for collecting money for whistleblowing. Qui tam allows you to bring an action on the government’s behalf and you share the reward if the government prevails.

The money you recover may be substantial, in some cases up to 30 percent of the total judgment. In a widespread fraud case, your share could amount to millions of dollars.

Criteria for Qui Tam

Anybody who has evidence of fraud may file a qui tam lawsuit as long as another person or the government has not beaten you to the punch. The information you provide must be original and backed by evidence. These requirements mean that your suspicion or belief that your boss is committing fraud is not enough, nor is presenting evidence that law enforcement is already privy to. You must also voluntarily disclose the information; you may be too late if a federal investigation has already begun. If you have evidence of widespread fraud, act today, don’t wait.

Types of Fraud Subject to Qui Tam

You have the power to right wrongs that harm other people. Our firm protects you for your brave act of coming forward by advocating for your whistleblower rights. We also make sure you get the money you are entitled to for your actions. We confidentially review your claim at a free case evaluation and candidly advise you about your eligibility to share in the judgment.

For example, you might file a qui tam lawsuit against entities or individuals that are:

  • Inflating claims for Medicare or Medicaid reimbursement
  • Filing insurance claims for services that were not rendered
  • Hiding study results about adverse pharmaceutical affects
  • Receiving kickbacks from a drug company to promote its products despite knowing they are unsafe
  • Continuing to install guardrails despite knowing about their fatal design flaw
  • Allowing dangerous contamination of drugs or food in a manufacturing facility
  • Selling pharmaceutical drugs or medical devices knowing they are defective and can injury, maim, disable or kill

Recover Money for Whistleblowing

Call Schwartzapfel Lawyers P.C. at 1-888-575-6410 to discuss your whistleblower and qui tam rights. Our offices are located in Manhattan, Bronx, Jericho, Deer Park or White Plains. We take your claim on a contingency fee basis, so you do not owe us money if you do not recover in your qui tam lawsuit.