Steven Schwartzapfel Testimonial Video: Motorcycle Car Accident — Schwartzapfel Lawyers, P.C.

February 2016 | Category: Testimonials

I believe that if Steven Schwartzapfel is behind you, you’ve got power behind you. There’s nothing but passion and dedication to whatever you need. I was driving straight down the road, and I had a marvelous 92 year old woman make a left right in front of me as I was going through an intersection and no time to stop, so went into the side of her as she stopped in front of me. I was actually going to use one of my union lawyers that handles all the cases for the union. But when I went in and saw Steven, the way his facility ran. Just the whole grandness of it. I said you know what? I have to give these guys a shot. Steven did make a very big difference in my life. If it wasn’t for his expedience, and you know, care, and taking care of everything, I probably would have gotten nothing out of being destroyed by this woman. And as it stood, she hurt my physical appearance, I was hurt monetarily because I couldn’t work for months on end… and what Steven did for me, it brought me back at least to par, and it made me feel like, alright I can move on. My life didn’t collapse; it just got delayed a little bit. My name is Heath Brandafino, and I would recommend Steve Schwartzapfel Attorney’s to anybody at any time for any situation.

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