6 Things To Do After a Car Accident

Car accidents can happen to anyone.


And when they do happen, the first thing you should do is…


Protect yourself.


Don’t leave the scene, but do make sure you’re safe.


Next, if there are injuries…


Call for an ambulance. Even if your injuries appear minor, you should report them immediately, as injuries to the back and neck especially can worsen over time.


Moreover, please know that it is in your best interest to…


Keep calm.


Don’t argue, don’t accuse anyone…


And don’t admit fault.


Once the police have arrived, cooperate with the investigating officer and…


Ask for a written accident report.


Also be sure to get the name and badge number of any investigating officers at the scene, which you should share with your attorney.


Then, when it’s safe to do so, remember to use your cell phone…


To photograph all damages as well as the scene of the accident itself, which you can later be introduced as evidence by your attorney.


To recap, after a car accident you should first make sure you’re safe.


And if you or anyone else from the accident is injured, even if the injury appears minor you should call an ambulance right away.


Also, please do keep calm.


Do not, however, admit fault.


But do ask for a written accident report from the police, which should be shared with your attorney.


And if it is safe to do so, you should photograph all damages as well as the actual scene of the accident to give yourself and your lawsuit the best chance at success.


6 Things To Do After a Car Accident


#1: Protect yourself


#2: Call an ambulance


#3: Keep calm


#4: Do NOT admit fault


#5: Ask for a written accident report


#6: Photograph damages


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