Why You Might Need a Lawyer After a Truck Accident


If you or someone you know has been recently involved in a crash involving a truck, tractor trailer, big rig, or any other motor vehicle wreck, you may be entitled to compensation. 

The right lawyer can help you receive compensation for any injuries or damages you suffered due to the crash. 

While truck wrecks are not a very common occurrence in New York City, trucks are involved in over 7 percent of all accidents in the city. 

While this may not seem like a lot, crashes involving trucks can be especially dangerous and damaging because of the weight and power that trucks have. 

To receive the money and benefits you may be entitled to after being involved in a truck wreck, you should hire a lawyer that has experience filing truck crash lawsuits or claims. 

Our team at Schwartzapfel® Lawyers P.C. was recently able to secure $2.7 million for a man injured after being struck by a truck. This is only one case out of dozens of cases in which we have stood by our clients and gotten them record-breaking results. If you are in need of an experienced lawyer to help you after a truck crash, call Schwartzapfel® Lawyers, P.C. at 1-800-966-4999.

Learn more about how a lawyer can help you if you have been involved in a truck wreck. 

What Can Cause a Truck Wreck?

Truck crashes, like other motor vehicle crashes, can result from many different factors. Whether you’re driving or riding in an 18-wheeler, a cargo truck, or any other vehicle, knowing these factors can help you prevent a wreck from occurring. 

Knowing these factors is also important in determining the cause of a crash after it happens, which can be crucial to building your case or lawsuit. 

Distracted Driving

Distracted driving occurs when a driver is not paying attention to the road or surrounding cars, vehicles, or obstacles. 

Texting or using electronics while driving is one of the biggest causes of distracted driving. Almost 20 percent of all motor vehicle accidents can be attributed to cell phone use while on the road. 

Impaired driving is similar to distracted driving in that it reduces a driver’s ability to concentrate on the road. Impaired driving occurs when a driver is not in the proper state of mind to be behind the wheel. 

This can be the result of alcohol or drug use, but it can also stem from fatigue or lack of sleep. If a truck driver is overworked and not given enough days to rest, they may become impaired on the road. In this case, a crash can be attributed to their employer. 

Trucking Company Negligence

While many crashes occur due to distracted driving and other driver errors, when it comes to trucks, a crash may result from negligence on behalf of the trucking company

Negligence occurs when a company or employer fails to follow the Federal and state laws, rules and regulations necessary to ensure that conditions are safe for their employees and the public at large. 

One example of trucking company negligence is the lack of truck maintenance. This occurs when trucks are not regularly inspected for malfunctions.

A wreck resulting from a truck malfunction that should have been spotted during an inspection can be attributed to the trucking company. 

Other examples of trucking company negligence include hiring under-qualified drivers and, as aforementioned, overworking employees or making them work through extreme weather conditions. 

What To Do After a Truck Crash: Important Steps To Take 

Being involved in a truck crash, or any crash, can be a very scary experience. To make sure that you minimize damage and secure your rights, you should follow a few important steps

Safety First

In the moments after a car or truck wreck, the most important thing is to make sure that you and anyone with you are safe. 

If you can, leave the vehicle or scene of the crash and find a safe place by the side of the road to wait until help arrives. This can prevent you from becoming a victim of further collisions or injuries from vehicles passing by. 

Until first responders arrive, assess yourself or anyone else involved for injuries. However, do not attempt to administer any medical treatment unless you are a licensed medical professional. 

Call for Help

Do not assume that witnesses will call for help after a wreck. If you can, always take the initiative to call the police as well as an ambulance to the scene of a crash. 

Not only will this ensure that help is on the way, but it will also ensure that the wreck is thoroughly documented. 

Even if you are feeling well, you should always be examined by a doctor after a crash. This is not only to ensure your health and safety but also to secure records of any injuries caused by the crash. You may need these records later on when filing a claim. 

While you may feel fine at the time, you may not immediately realize that you’ve suffered a personal injury. While some injuries, like traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, or broken bones, may be immediately apparent, others may not become apparent until later. 

Document the Crash

While first responders to a wreck will document the scene once they arrive, make sure you have as many records of the crash as possible. 

If you can, take pictures and videos of the damage to the vehicles, the location of the incident, the wreck itself, the parties involved, and your injuries. You should also speak with witnesses after a wreck to help gather information about what happened and how the wreck occurred. 

Consider Hiring a Lawyer

After the crash is thoroughly documented and you have received medical attention, it is now time to decide whether you want to hire a lawyer to help file your claim. 

While many people choose to file truck crash claims on their own, an experienced lawyer can make a difference in the proceedings and maximize the amount of compensation you receive. 

A lawyer is especially important for cases in which the cause of a crash is unclear or cases in which multiple parties are involved. 

Why You Should Hire a Lawyer

The decision to hire a lawyer after a truck crash is a decision that only you can make. However, in many cases, hiring a lawyer is the best option. 

Regardless of how many reasons you may have against hiring a lawyer, there are plenty more reasons for why you should hire one

Legal Experience

Unless you are a lawyer yourself, you probably do not have the legal knowledge necessary to understand how to file a claim to receive the maximum potential benefits. 

While reading about your rights and the legal process online can help you gain experience, a Google search cannot replace a degree in the subject and almost 40 years of experience handling these truck accident cases. 

Lawyers study for several years to gain a full understanding of the law. They are trained in the best way to handle legal matters and are therefore the best equipped to help you with legal proceedings. 

Depending on the claim you file, an opposing party is more than likely to have a competent legal team of their own hired by a multi-million or even billion-dollar insurance company. A lawyer can best communicate with the defendant’s legal team and prevent them from undermining your case. 

Paperwork and Organization

If you have ever done your taxes, you might know how it feels to be drowning in details and paperwork, constantly searching for misplaced documents. 

Filing a claim or a lawsuit can be an even more overwhelming process, and unlike taxes, you probably do not have experience filing once a year. 

Aside from having legal knowledge, a lawyer will be able to keep important documents organized and prepared throughout the process. 

Save Time and Money

One of the biggest reasons people do not hire lawyers is that they think lawyers are not worth the investment. On the contrary, hiring a lawyer can help save you both time and money in the long run. 

A lawyer can help a truck accident victim maximize the amount of compensation they receive as a result of their claim. They can also help you avoid having to pay unnecessary fees throughout the process, as well as fight for reimbursement of your medical and property repair bills. 

While the process for filing a lawsuit or claim is more often than not a long one, this process may become an even longer one without a lawyer. A lawyer can help expedite certain steps and prevent opposing parties from stalling. 

How To Find the Right Lawyer for You  

While there are many great lawyers in New York, the best one is one that you can rely on. A lawyer should fit your needs. 

To find the right lawyer for you, there are a few factors you should take into consideration. 

The Lawyer’s Experience and Qualifications

Lawyers deal in a variety of different industries. If you were involved in a truck wreck, you will probably not consult with a lawyer with experience in divorce or immigration to file your truck accident claim. 

Depending on your case, you should probably look for a truck accident attorney. A trucking accident lawyer will be familiar with the very many specific laws and regulations concerning the trucking industry, company, the truck driver and the truck itself. Many auto accident lawyers handle these cases but that doesn’t mean they have the experience, credentials, and qualifications to get you all the money and benefits you are entitiled to. Make certain the lawyers has the experience and demonstrated results in cases following truck crashes. At Schwartzapfel Lawyers we are trucking accident lawyers. Call us at 1800-966-4999.

If you are a truck driver or a trucking company employee who sustained serious injuries in a truck crash, you may also consider hiring a lawyer with experience in workers’ compensation. 

Workers’ compensation can be claimed if an individual was injured while working or as a direct result of an employer’s negligence. Because claims for workers’ compensation has a language all its own and can be as complicated as filing a lawsuit, a lawyer’s help is valuable.  At Schwartzapfel Lawyers we have experienced Workers Compensation attorneys. You don’t have to go to two different law firms.

And yes, you can file a lawsuit against the party at fault and also file a workers compensation claim if you were working at the time of the accident.

While a lawyer with no experience dealing with a particular case can be helpful, you shouldn’t settle for less than the best.  Ask about the lawyers  experience and past results before committing, especially if your case is complicated. 

Undoubtedly, you should always make sure that a potential lawyer is certified and has completed the requirements to become a lawyer. This information can usually be found online or through a reputable law firm. 

Here at Schwartzapfel® Lawyers P.C., we have years of experience dealing with truck crash cases. Call us at 1-800-966-4999 to see how we can help.

Personal Comfort

Finding a qualified, experienced lawyer that fits your needs is only half the job. Because your lawyer will have access to personal details and represent you, they have to be someone you are comfortable with and can trust. 

A lawyer’s job is to fight for your rights as if they were their own. They should prioritize your case and do everything in their power to guarantee the best results. 

If you have any doubts about the integrity or reliability of your lawyer, keep searching. 


Whether you have been in a commercial truck accident, a semi truck accident, or any other type of crash, accident attorneys are helpful in securing the money and benefits you are entitled to. 

Regardless of what anyone may think, a lawyer is a worthy investment that will help save you time and money in the long run. 

In finding the right lawyer for you, make sure to take their qualifications, experience, and reliability into consideration. 

At Schwartzapfel® Lawyers P.C., we provide you with a highly qualified and experienced

team of  lawyers that will be dedicated to fighting for you and your rights. 

If you do not know where to start in your search for a lawyer, you can call for a free consultation with one of our lawyers today. Call us at 1-800-966-4999 to start the process.



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