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Steven Schwartzapfel of Schwartzapfel Lawyers Video, Personal Injury Attorneys in New York

My name is Steve Schwartzapfel. I represent people that have been injured. When somebody else broke the rules, I seek to go ahead and hold that person accountable.

Helping those who can’t help themselves is something that’s engrained in me. It’s personal. I think one of the reasons that the clients find the confidence and comfort levels in me is that I don’t talk down to them. I wasn’t born in a blue suit, nor with a silver spoon in my mouth. I grew up and my parents were teachers. My father was disabled; he had multiple sclerosis. I understand the impact an injury, a disability has not just on the person. The fact that the person cannot get up in the morning and may not be able to go to work, the simple things like getting out of bed. The whole family suffers. That stuck with me.

So when I represent somebody, it’s personal. It’s not just as if I hadn’t experienced it, I understand what they’re going through. I understand the importance of getting them justice, of getting them the compensation and benefits they need as quickly as possible.

One of the things that distinguishes us is our ability to aggressively prosecute a client’s action and getting the money and benefits as fast as possible. I spent the last 30 years figuring out every tactic, strategy, process and procedure that I can go ahead and do to expedite the client’s matter. I worked for the insurance carrier going back 30 years. I know all the tricks that they will play and traps to deny, delay and disclaim a legitimate case. We control the litigation. I don’t care how big the insurance carrier is, we have the financial wherewithal, the skill, the experience and the expertise to take them on and win.

I represented an iron worker who was seriously injured in an intersectional motorcycle accident. From open to close, I resolved the case in six weeks. And the reason I did that, I understood that there were no medical benefits. That if I did not move quickly, any money that he recovered would not go to him, but it would instead go to the hospitals and medical providers. My duty and obligation was to my client to do the very best I can to get the money and benefits he deserved. The only way I was able to do that is because almost 30 years ago, I represented the insurance company. I knew what the insurance company needed in order to evaluate the case so that I would be able to get my client the money and benefits he deserved early on. I believe we hold the record in getting the client the money and benefits they deserve.

Look, not all lawyers are alike. The most significant decision you can make for you and your family is the attorney you have represent you. I’m highly credentialed and well qualified. I’ve been named one of the top 100 trial lawyers in America. I’ve been selected as one of New York Times’ super lawyers, reserved for the top 5% of all practicing attorneys. The firm has received an AV Martindale-Hubbell rating, the highest legal and ethical rating you can get.

Please let me help you. Call or fill out the form on the website. Our team of attorneys are here to help you. We can make the most difficult situation easier. Please call.

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