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Steven Schwartzapfel, One of the Best New York Construction Accident Lawyers Explains: Video

My name is Steve Schwartzapfel. I represent people that have been injured. When somebody else broke the rules, I seek to go ahead and hold that person accountable.

Accidents just don’t happen. When you dig deeper, accidents are usually the result of someone breaking the rules. In a courtroom, there is no such thing as truth. Truth is what can be proven. There’s a difference between the reality, objective and what can be proven, and there’s many factors that can come into play in a courtroom with the rules of evidence. The way a file is worked up, the proper experts, the judge you have, your adversary.

So truth is ultimately what a jury says it is, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot go ahead and get to the truth or as close to it, depending upon who you have representing you. Unlike most attorneys, the moment I am called, I take immediate action to do everything within my power to secure all available evidence. If I get a phone call, we get out to the scene immediately. We’ll take photographs of the accident scene. We’ll take photographs of skid marks, knowing that if it rains the next day it may be gone. We’ll take photographs to secure where the accident took place, where car parts may be found.

I was just recently retained on a case where a man fell off of a roof on a construction site. He was killed as a result of the defendant failing to go ahead and provide adequate safety devices. I went to the scene that night because it was going to snow and I knew the evidence would be gone. I went up on the building next door and took photographs, because I knew all too well that the defendants would be out there tampering with what actually occurred. So the truth, the truth is what you can prove in a courtroom. And the sooner a person retains a lawyer — a lawyer that takes it to heart and is genuinely, sincerely interested in treating that person like a family member, that they will use everything within their power to secure every bit of evidence that supports that person’s version — that’s what you need to do.

Please, let me help you. Call or fill out the form on the website. Our team of attorneys are here to help you. We can help the most difficult situation easier. Please call.

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