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Tractor-trailer accidents often cause connective tissue injuries commonly referred to as soft tissue injuries in addition to other types of serious injuries. In the best case, soft tissue injuries typically require medical treatment and can keep you out of work for days or weeks. Severe soft tissue injuries may require multiple surgeries and result in permanent disabilities. Although insurance companies seek to minimize and denigrate soft tissue injuries, the reality is that soft tissue injuries can haunt you for life. Unlike a broken bone that heals, certain soft tissue injuries never heal requiring surgery and leaving you disabled for life.

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What is a Soft Tissue Injury?

Soft tissue refers to the flesh that surrounds your bones, such as ligaments, tendons, muscles, nerves, blood vessels, skin and connective tissue. The violent blow of a truck hitting you or your car can cause extensive injuries to your soft tissues, including:

  • Sprains: Ligaments connect bone to bone. These flexible, sturdy bands stabilize your skeletal structure and support your joints. A sprain occurs when ligaments either overstretch or tear.
  • Strains: Tendons connect muscles to bones. A strain occurs when the muscle or the tendon becomes overstretched or tears.
  • Contusions: A hard blow to the skin may crush muscle fibers and connective tissues. Contusions may be so severe as to cause permanent damage.
  • Whiplash: Whiplash is injury to the soft tissue in your neck caused by the violent back and forth motion of your head upon impact.
  • Labrum tears: Your ball and socket joints — in your shoulders and hips — contain cushiony cartilage that allows your bones to maintain a wide range of motion while also stabilizing the joint. A tear to your labrum can create instability and pain that requires surgery and may later require shoulder or hip replacement.

Complications of Your Soft Tissue Injuries

The impact of a truck crash can damage the complex web of nerves, blood vessels and connective tissues that are part of your soft tissues. Without blood flow, the injuries cannot heal. Nerves may also be too damaged to ever fully heal. As a result, you may suffer from long-term pain, weakness, instability, spasticity, tightness, lack of coordination or poor balance. Not only do these long-range problems impact your daily life, but they can also make you more susceptible to falls and other types of accidents in the future.

Despite the evidence, insurance companies are quick to discount the seriousness of many soft tissue injuries. Our New York City semi accident attorneys pursue the money you deserve for your past, current and anticipated losses due to soft tissue injuries.

Recover for Sprains, Strains and Other Soft Tissue Injuries Resulting from a Truck Crash

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