Tractor-Trailer Burn Injuries Recovery

Severe burns leave permanent scars and often debilitating disfigurement. In addition, many burn victims require multiple surgeries and extensive rehabilitation.

Schwartzapfel Lawyers P.C. regularly helps burn victims get the money and benefits they need and are entitled to. Our lawyers focus only on personal injury and wrongful death cases so we have developed the refined trial skills and extensive knowledge about catastrophic accident injuries that give us an edge during settlement negotiations and trial. Our firm consults with renowned burn and truck accident experts who help us to prove negligence and to calculate just damages. We may also retain economists and other experts.

Types of Tractor-Trailer Accident Burns

Burns may result from contact with fire, hot objects, scalding water, freezing cold temperatures, chemicals and electrical currents. The most common types of burn injuries in a commercial vehicle crash include:

  • Thermal burns – this type of burn is caused by extreme heat and fire. The fuel tank may burst during a tractor-trailer wreck, triggering a fire that can burn the driver, occupants of other motor vehicles and first responders.
  • Chemical burns – when a person comes into contact with certain toxic substances the result can be a chemical burn.During a crash, a semi may spill its load of hazardous materials that can burn those people involved in the accident and firefighters, and that might even harm residents in the vicinity of the crash site.

Burn Severity

Doctors identify the severity of burns by degrees. A first-degree burn is usually treatable with first aid and generally heals without complications. However, second and third-degree burns are severe and can lead to life-long disabilities and pain. Our New York City burn attorneys often handle cases involving these severe burns:

  • Second-degree burns penetrate the top layer of the skin and are often very painful. Second-degree burns are serious if widespread across the body or if on the face, groin, buttocks, hands or feet.
  • Third-degree burns destroy the epidermis and dermis and cause damage to the tissue below. A third-degree burn is characterized by leathery skin, dryness, swelling, numbness of the area and pain because of nerve damage.

Burns on joints and muscles can limit mobility because the flesh tightens and the muscle is destroyed. Also, infections are common in burn victims.

Burn victim’s skin is often left scarred, keloid, reddened, raised and/or pigmented. The worse scarring may not just be the physical scarring but the emotional scars one is left with when they are suddenly scarred, maimed and disabled for life.

Burn Treatments

A skin graft replaces the damaged skin with healthy skin. Doctors may perform reconstructive surgeries to increase functionality and appearance of damaged facial features. In addition, a burn patient must constantly be monitored for infections.

Our lawyers recognize that you have a long road ahead of you after suffering a burn. We do all we can to ease that burden by helping you get the money you need to pay for your treatments and to improve your quality of life.

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