Recovery for 18-Wheeler Accident Broken Bone Injuries in New York

During a collision with a commercial vehicle, you may suffer broken bones. A single simple fracture can put you out of work for months and cost thousands of dollars in medical care. Multiple and severe fractures can leave you with permanent disabilities and pain.

Schwartzapfel Lawyers P.C. is exclusively a personal injury and wrongful death law firm. Our New York City truck crash lawyers focus only on injury recovery, so we have the in-depth knowledge to handle complex accidents involving tractor-trailers, buses and other commercial vehicles. We commonly represent motorists and pedestrians who sustain multiple fractures and broken bones, from being hit by a truck.

We know the money you receive can make all the difference to your recovery and to your future quality of life. We are passionate about recovering the money and benefits you are entitled to and making the judicial process as stress-free as we possibly can for you.

Broken Bones Treatments and Complications

Your prognosis and the treatments you receive depend upon many factors, including your health at the time of the auto accident and the type and severity of your bone fractures. For example, a comminuted fracture, in which the bones shatter in several places, may require extensive surgeries and longer recovery time. Often, broken bones require a complicated surgery to set the bones called an open reduction and internal fixation which may include screws, pins, a cast or traction.

Our lawyers also consider potential complications, such as vascular injuries, damage to the surrounding tissue or organs, wound infections and the cost of any future surgery including hospitalization, acute rehabilitation, sub-acute rehab, doctor and medical provider costs, physical therapy costs and potential shortened work life expectancy when calculating damages.

Airbags and Seat Belt-Related Injuries

Often lauded as two of the most important lifesaving inventions in automotive history, airbags and seat belts help minimize severe auto accident injuries and deaths. However, these safety features often cannot cushion against the violent force of a truck crash. As a result, motorists and car occupants often suffer multiple bone fractures. In fact, airbags and seatbelts can sometimes directly contribute to fractures and other injuries.

At the point of impact, airbags inflate at a speed of 200 mph. This violent force can break bones, including arms, shoulders, hands, fingers and ribs, even of a person who is wearing a seat belt. An unrestrained occupant can suffer a fracture to the neck or back if he or she is slammed against a hard object in the car.

The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimates that proper use of lap and shoulder restraints reduces the risk of fatal and severe injuries by about 50 percent. At the same time, seat belts can cause spinal damage, abdominal injury and pelvic fractures.

Our law firm investigates whether the airbag or seat belt contributed to the severity of your injuries to determine whether you also have a valid claim against the auto parts manufacturer in addition to your claim against the truck company and driver.

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