Numbers Do Not Lie: Auto Injuries and Deaths Are Too High in NY

On average, Americans wreck once every 17.9 years of driving. However, if you live in New York City, you are likely to be involved in a traffic accident once every 7.8 years. On average a person will be involved in a minimum of three accidents during their lifetime. These statistics reflect the dangers you face every time you walk, bike, drive or jump into a taxi or onto a bus on our city streets. Although the rates of injuries and deaths are lower on trains and in subways, an accident on public transportation tends to be catastrophic.

Schwartzapfel Lawyers P.C. concentrates on personal injury and wrongful death. Our firm has spent more than 30 years representing New Yorkers and visitors who have been injured in motor vehicle wrecks in New York City and the surrounding communities. Every New York City auto accident lawyer at our firm is very familiar with the statistics in traffic and transportation accidents and can say with confidence that the numbers of deaths and injuries in our city are too high.

Our goal is to recover the money and benefits you are entitled to for your accident injuries. By holding the negligent corporations, municipalities or people accountable for their negligence, we hope to someday see these statistics plummet.

A Lawyer Who Does Not Treat You Like a Number

After your accident, a bureaucrat in a government office adds the data to his or her spreadsheet. The numbers of accidents, whether the accident resulted in serious injuries or death and how many involve a bus, a truck, a train or a pedestrian are all tallied to produce statistics.

However, you are not a mere number to us; you are a person whose life has been substantially affected by an automobile crash. When reviewing your case, we focus on the impact the accident has had or will have on your life, family, work and future.

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