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Truck Accident Statistics

Holding Trucking Companies Accountable Tractor-trailers deliver goods from outside the city, delivery vans maneuver through our narrow streets, sanitation trucks pick up trash and salt snow, street cleaners wash the roads and service trucks make calls to costumers. ConEd, Time Warner and construction companies are constantly building and repairing buildings, roads and highways throughout the five boroughs and the surrounding suburbs. These commercial vehicles are a necessary, but dangerous, aspect of our economy. Every year numerous pedestrians, bikers, motorcyclists and motorists are injured and killed by negligent commercial drivers and corporations. Schwartzapfel Lawyers P.C. has more than 30 years of […]

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New York State Motorcycle Accident Statistics

Advocating for Motorcycle Roadway Safety Motorcycles are the ideal form of transportation in New York City, offering owners maneuverability, lower gas consumption and ease of parking. For many, riding is also a way of life, an opportunity to enjoy the open roads outside of the big city. Unfortunately, whether you are in the middle of the city or in the surrounding NY communities, you are placed at constant risk by negligent motorists, poor road conditions and negligent manufacturers. Schwartzapfel Lawyers P.C. has more than 30 years of experience and our lawyers are considered experts in complex motorcycle wreck cases. Approximately […]

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New York State Motor Vehicle Fatalities

There were 1,220 fatal accidents in the state of New York in 2007, resulting in 1,317 fatalities. That year, the death rate due to traffic accidents was 0.96 deaths per 100 million miles traveled in the state. The fatalities represent 6.82 deaths per 100,000 New Yorkers. The number of fatalities in 2007 represents an 8 percent decrease from the 2006 total. The year 2007 was the safest year on New York’s highways since the New York DMV began collecting data on highway safety early in the 1920s. In addition to the overall reduction in fatalities, motorcycle accident fatalities dropped about […]

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New York Alcohol-Related Crash Statistics

In 2014, there were 7,849 alcohol-related motor vehicle accidents in the state of New York. This includes 3,605 property damage accidents, 3,974 personal injury accidents, and 270 fatal accidents resulting in 292 deaths. Alcohol-related crashes in 2014 included 447 collisions with pedestrians, 101 collisions with bicycles, and 165 motorcycle crashes. There were 71 pedestrian deaths and 11 deaths of bicyclists which resulted from alcohol-related crashes. There were also 401 pedestrian injuries and 90 bicyclist injuries. Of the 292 persons killed, 152 were drinking drivers. Approximately 0.3 percent of all motor vehicle accidents in New York in 2014 were fatal. In […]

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