Numbers Reflect the Dangers on New York Roadways

According to the New York Department of Health, motor vehicle traffic accidents remain the top cause of injury-related death for New York residents. What makes this fact so frustrating is how completely preventable these fatalities are.

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NYC & Congested Roadways

New York City’s 304 square miles of land in the five boroughs have more than 6,000 miles of jam-packed roadways, with close to 1,300 miles of roads squashed onto Manhattan’s 34 square mile island.

Our population of close to 8.5 million residents lives in about 3 million households. About half of these households own cars. The remainder of the population relies upon taxis, ride-shares and public transportation. The MTA buses, trains and subways serve a population of 15.2 million living in the 5,000 square mile area that includes NYC, Long Island, Southeastern NY and Connecticut.

Medallion cabs add about 13,600 vehicles on NYC roadways, a number rivaled by ridesharing service Uber with its more than 14,000 cars in operation in the city.

Adding further to the congestion, 285 million vehicles a year travel into, out of and around New York City over 789 bridges and through multiple tunnels, according to the Metropolitan Transportation Authority.

Vehicle Wrecks in New York by Number

A report from New York State Department of Motor Vehicles states 304,804 accidents occurred in New York in 2013, resulting in 1,188 deaths and 169,177 injuries. Close to 50,000 of these accidents were known to have involved a distracted driver, making distracted driving the number one factor in driving accidents. Speeding drivers caused 28,500 of the crashes and tailgating drivers caused 44,000. Fatigued or drowsy drivers caused more than 1,200 accidents, and 3,244 drivers actually fell asleep at the wheel before crashing. 7,857 accidents involved alcohol.

Young adults between the ages of 21 and 34 had the highest rate of injuries and deaths. Males were more likely than females to wreck or be injured or killed in a car accident.

Learn More about Number and Causes of Auto Crashes in New York

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