Protecting Every Person From Police Brutality

Most police officers take pride in their job and execute their duties with honor and respect. They take to heart the motto To Protect and Serve. They do not like, nor accept, such unacceptable behavior.

However, excessive force, police brutality, false arrest or another civil rights violation are occurrences that happen throughout the country, and the ones the media picks up may only be the tip of the iceberg. We rely on our police to protect us. Unfortunately, a few bad seeds instead abuse their authority and hurt, maim or kill innocent people. Any time a police officer violates a person’s civil rights it is unacceptable.

Schwartzapfel Lawyers P.C. holds the bad cops responsible for unwarranted, unjustified acts of violence. We have taken on police misconduct cases for more than 30 years and passionately believe in the civil rights of all New Yorkers. Wearing a badge does not give anyone the right to injure, maim or kill an innocent person. We fully expect the police department and the officers involved to pay for the injuries they may cause in the line of duty.

If you were injured by police, the experience can be frightening, infuriating and disheartening. We recognize the trauma caused by police brutality and seek to bring you peace and justice and, possibly, to restore your trust in honorable law enforcement by demanding changes within the force.

Investigating Police Misconduct

In the old days, police misconduct cases often boiled down to a “he said she said” battle and jurors often placed great confidence in the word of the men in blue. Videos have helped innocent people prove what really happened. The images captured on cell phones, body cameras and surveillance videos of police acting inappropriately are hard to refute, making videos one of the most valuable types of evidence in police brutality and excessive force cases. Our investigators obtain as many images from different perspectives and moments during the horrific event to get a fuller picture of the incident.

We also consult with highly credentialed, highly decorated and well qualified police officers who help us prove that the officer’s actions were outside the scope of acceptable conduct under the given circumstances.

Often we discover a pattern of police misconduct and a tolerance for the behavior from superiors. For this reason, our New York City police misconduct attorneys typically pursue money from the department and others responsible for the negligent or intentional injuries.

What is Police Misconduct?

Police have a duty to act with honor and to serve. Failure to perform his or her duty may cross the line to police misconduct. Common police misconduct claims we handle include:

  • Assaults that leave you injured, maimed, disabled
  • Assaults that result in death of a loved one Sexually assaulting you
  • Tasing you while you are cooperating and not acting violently
  • Hitting you with a police vehicle
  • Arresting and detaining you for a crime you did not commit
  • Using excessive force during an arrest
  • Abusing or assaulting you while you are in detention or incarcerated

Hold the Police Force Accountable for Injuries Caused by Their Officers

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