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About 12 million adults are misdiagnosed every year, according to the Harrowing 2014 Study published in the international peer-reviewed BMJ Quality & Safety journal. This number is equal to around five percent of all adult patients who seek outpatient care, and half of the misdiagnoses could result in serious injuries.

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Our lawyers and staff have seen time and again the heartbreak and frustration associated with a misdiagnosis. You may no longer trust doctors and have limited options for treatment after your devastating experience. Our New York City medical misdiagnosis attorneys make sure you get the help you need as we pursue justice in the court of law.

Why Misdiagnosis is Serious

Multiple studies have found shocking numbers of deaths and disabilities attributed to misdiagnoses. If you were misdiagnosed, you may have missed your opportunity to receive the vital treatments you needed to cure your condition. Conversely, you may have received unnecessary treatments with harmful side effects.

Wrong diagnoses are often preventable. Had the doctor listened to you or ordered just a simple test, he or she could have made the correct diagnosis of your problem and prescribed the correct treatment in a timely manner.

Commonly Misdiagnosed Conditions

Misdiagnosis is very common. And yet many patients may not realize for months or years or ever that they have received an incorrect diagnosis. Understandably, you rely upon your doctor’s expertise and professionalism and are likely not to double-guess until symptoms worsen or another doctor discovers the mistake. By then, the mistake may be irreversible.

Medical conditions that doctors regularly misdiagnose include:

  • Emergency room conditions, including heart attack, stroke or pulmonary embolism
  • Cancers, by not finding a tumor or wrongly proclaiming a malignant tumor is benign
  • Infections, and so allowing them to spread because of insufficient or incorrect treatment
  • Autoimmune conditions, for example lupus, celiac disease and multiple sclerosis
  • Diabetes, and impaired glucose that is a red flag for pre-diabetes
  • Treatable ailments, that result in your unnecessary suffering, pain and disability
  • Condition you don’t have, that lead to unnecessary treatments, such as cancer-related chemotherapy or surgery, that causes permanent, life-altering effects

Our lawyers are experienced in investigating the errors that led up to your misdiagnosis and building a strong case based upon solid evidence. We consult with leading specialists in the areas of medicine related to your misdiagnosis and the subsequent harm to you.

Get the Money and Benefits You Are Entitled to After a Diagnostic Error

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