Injured in a Tractor-Trailer Accident

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Steven Schwartzapfel Apr 5, 2017
Review for Personal Injury Lawyers Manhattan - Injured in a Tractor-Trailer Accident

Attention: Robert Marcus, Attorney
Dear Mr. Marcus,
After many surgeries; (Cervical neck, Lumbar 360, Right hand and both Knees) and all the litigation involved as a result of the Tractor-Trailer Truck hitting my car from behind on the Massachusetts Turnpike on September 4, 2004 that changed my life forever, your professionalism and hard work on my case over the past four and a half years to get this case to a settlement that was fair to all parties as well as avoiding Federal court in Boston was excellent work.
You’re not only a fine lawyer but you are also a fine individual who I found instantly to be fighting for my best interest throughout this long road to a conclusion of this case.
I now not only consider you my lawyer but also a friend.
I greatly appreciate all the fine work your entire staff at Schwartzapfel, Novick, Truhowsky & Marcus did on my behalf.
I will never hesitate to recommend someone to your firm for the many services it provides.
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