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Steven Schwartzapfel Apr 5, 2017
Personal Injury Law Firm Testimonial - Father of Three

To Whom it May Concern
This is a letter to express my gratitude, for helping me navigate myself out of a situation that nearly affected my livelihood. At this point in my life, I am married with 2 children and a newborn baby girl. I am the sole wage earner in my household. Recently, when I applied for renewal of my Crane License, through the NYC Buildings Dept. I was denied renewal of my license and accused of falsely misrepresenting myself and lying about prior convictions. I was also informed there was an warrant for my arrest. I was unaware of any violations or tickets that were held against me, as the tickets were being mailed to my ex employer, the owner of the truck that was in violation. I was forced to take time off of work to clear up this very messy situation, that directly affected my ability to maintain my position at work, and support my family. With the help of Steve Schwartzapfel, and his firm,  I was able to find out what was incorrectly being held against my license, and able to very simply clear up this problem with one easy trip to the Queens County Court House, along with a lawyer from the firm. The Lawyer who represented me, Rochelle Berliner, exuded professionalism in court, and stated my case in front of a judge. The Judge realized the tickets were written out to my ex employers address, and were written on his vehicles, with my name. At this point, the tickets were dismissed. Immediately following court, I was able to go to the NYC Buildings Dept. and renew my licensing. I want to once again express my extreme gratitude and thank you for your assistance in helping me clear up my license and remove the warrants for my arrest in an expedient manner. Thanks to you I am back to work and have the ability to support my family and keep them in the lifestyle they are accustomed to.
Sincerely yours,
Robert Vasiluth
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