Recovery for Unsafe Construction Industry Conditions

Trenches and platforms are two of the most dangerous areas of a construction site. Both present substantial fall risks. Trenches also are in constant danger of caving in. Guards protect workers and the public from these deadly hazards. An unguarded trench or platform means somebody made a serious mistake.

Schwartzapfel Lawyers P.C. has more than 30 years of experience in construction injuries. We are considered experts in our one area of practice — injury and death recovery. We assist clients throughout the five boroughs of New York City and our surrounding NY communities with personal injury, wrongful death and workers’ compensation claims.

If you were injured in a trench or platform accident, our New York City construction injury attorneys hold the people or corporations accountable for leaving the danger zones unguarded by fall and collapse protection devices.

Trench Guards

Many of New York City’s tallest buildings extend several stories down. These layers beneath the surface may house parking garages, cellars or residential, office or restaurant space. The ground may contain an intricate web of electrical wires, cables, water mains and gas pipes. Extensive trenching is required to build these large underground areas. These deep gaping holes are potential deathtraps to workers standing along the edges or at the bottom of the pit.

Shallow trenches look less menacing but are no less dangerous. A fall of just three feet into a trench can result in broken bones, head injuries, spinal cord damage, soft tissue injuries and even death. The cave-in of a smaller trench can burry or crush a worker, break his or her bones or interfere with the ability to breathe.

However, property owners, contractors, their agents and employers have a legal duty to shore the sides of the trench against collapse. Also, they are obligated to set up special posts along the parameter of the trench to further strengthen its walls and to keep workers a safe distance from the edge.

Platform Guards

On the other end of the spectrum, many New York City workers perform their jobs dozens of stories in the air. Workers at height risk stumbling over of the edge of the platform or scaffolding. Although the risk of dying from the fall rises at higher levels, falling from even a low platform can result in severe and fatal injuries.

Property owners, contractors, their agents and employers are legally required to install guardrails along the edges of the platform to prevent falls. These rails should be in addition to such other fall prevention measures as supplying harnesses and leashes to all workers working at height.

Learn More about the Duty to Guard Trenches and Platforms on a Worksite

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