Recovery for Workplace Accidents and Chronic Diseases

Every construction job requires use of some toxic materials. These toxins must be handled with the utmost care. Strict laws govern the storage, handling, transport and disposal of toxic materials to protect workers and the general public. Nonetheless, property owners, contractors, their agents and employers are often surprisingly negligent with these dangerous substances.

During more than 30 years in practice, Schwartzapfel Lawyers P.C. has witnessed the horrific effects of chemical exposure. In every case, the chemical exposure could have been prevented had appropriate policies and actions been employed.

Our New York City construction injury lawyers help you recover money and benefits so you can get the care you need and have the best quality of life possible under the circumstances. We are your true advocates after a construction accident.

How Chemical Exposure Can Be Avoided

Depending upon the type of substance and the circumstances, exposure to improperly stored toxins can cause third degree burns, cancer, respiratory distress, brain damage, eye injuries, nerve damage, skin conditions, fire and explosion.

Yet, these injuries are 100 percent avoidable if property owners, managers, agents, contractors, employers and manufacturers take preventative actions, such as:

  • Storing toxic substances in appropriate containers
  • Labeling chemicals accurately
  • Posting warnings to prevent accidental exposure
  • Restricting access to the toxins to authorized personnel with training
  • Providing workers with appropriate clothing and safety equipment
  • Training all workers in safe handling of toxic substances
  • Supervising workers who are handling the materials
  • Keeping flammable liquids and gasses away from heat

Chemical Burns

Chemical burns occur when the skin is exposed to a corrosive substance, such as certain acids, bases and solvents commonly used in the construction industry. Chemicals that eat through the skin and damage the underlying flesh cause third degree burns that can leave you with permanent scars, disabilities and pain. Often the manufacturer, employer and contractor claims workers mishandled the materials. Our lawyers effectively counter the incorrect assertions that you were responsible for the terrible injuries you suffered.


Some types of cancers are definitively linked to known carcinogens, including asbestos, arsenic, benzene, beryllium, chloroform, DDT and vinyl chloride that you may use in your construction job. These cancers may lay dormant for months or years, and so make linking the cancer to the toxin extremely challenging. Our attorneys consult with the top medical professionals who help us clearly make the connection to show that you would not have become sick had you not been exposed to the toxin.

Fire and Explosion

In New York’s extreme weather, contractors must be especially diligent about keeping toxic materials out of the heat or freezing temperatures that might affect their stability. In addition, volatile materials cannot be too close to heat sources, such as flames, electrical sources, welding or grinding. One small spark can ignite a vicious fire or a sudden blast.

Learn More about Chemical Materials Exposure on a Construction Site

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