Helping Workers Recover for NYC Construction Accidents

Slips, trips and falls cause the majority of workplace injuries and 15 percent of accidental deaths. The rate of fall-related deaths is even higher in the construction industry, in which 37 percent of all fatal accidents are attributed to falls. Falls are so deadly that Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) refers to falls as one of the “Fatal Four” accidents.

Schwartzapfel Lawyers P.C. has solely represented clients in injury and death recovery actions for more than 30 years. Our lawyers have dedicated our careers to this important area of law because we feel passionate about helping people recover their health, their financial security and their quality of life after an accident.

There is no excuse for workplace conditions that put you in jeopardy of slipping, tripping or falling. Property owners, contractors, their agents, managers and employers have a duty to you to create and maintain safe working conditions. They should pay when they fail to do so. Our New York City construction accident lawyers make sure that they do pay you the money you are entitled to.

Slip and Fall Hazards on a Construction Site

Slippery surfaces are particularly hazardous because they are often not obvious to the naked eye. In fact, you may not become aware of the slip hazard until you have lost your footing and are in the midst of your fall. Property owners, managers, agents, contractors, employers and manufacturers have a responsibility for preventing slip hazards, inspecting for risks, warning you about risks and fixing the problem. Wrongdoers create slip and fall hazards by:

  • Using non-traction materials on flooring, ladders and scaffolding
  • Requiring you to work during inclement weather conditions, such as ice, snow and rain
  • Not inspecting the premises for ice patches after a freeze or snowfall
  • Spilling oil, grease, sand, mud or other slippery substances
  • Leaving nails, nuts, screws and other hardware on the floor

Trip and Fall Risks in the Construction Industry

A construction site that is organized, well-maintained and properly supervised should have no trip and fall hazards. However, you may trip and fall because the property owners, managers, agents, contractors or your employers:

  • Left construction debris scattered on the worksite
  • Stacked wood, sand bags and other materials in workers’ path
  • Strung wires and cables across the work area
  • Allowed pipes, bolts and other hardware to stick up
  • Did not place cones or other warnings around trip hazards

Fall Prevention Strategies

Slipping or tripping on ground surface may result in broken bones, head trauma spinal cord damage, sprains, strains and other soft tissue injuries. If you are at height, even a few feet, you are at even greater risk of severe or fatal injuries.

Fall prevention strategies should include:

  • Preventing the conditions that give rise to slip and trip accidents
  • Providing fall mitigation equipment, such as harnesses, fall arrest systems and guardrails
  • Training workers in fall prevention methods
  • Supervising the workplace

Recover Money and Benefits for a Slip, Trip or Fall

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