Advocacy for Injured Construction Workers

During more than three decades in practice, Schwartzapfel Lawyers P.C. has helped thousands of New York construction workers recover money and benefits for jobsite injuries. Personal injury and wrongful death are all we do. This high level of dedication and experience has made us one of the leading firms in injury and death money and benefits recovery.

Your property owner, contractor and employer have a duty to maintain a safe work environment, which includes shoring trenches, buildings and cranes to prevent collapse. Their negligence unnecessarily put your life in jeopardy. Our firm fights for your rightful money and benefits for injuries caused by construction site collapse.

Trenching Cave-In

Excavation is one of the toughest, most dangerous jobs in the construction industry. Trenches are at constant risk of cave-in unless shored properly. During a cave-in, dirt fills the trench, sometimes literally burying workers inside alive. The weight of the dirt can crush workers, breaking bones and restricting breathing to the point of suffocation. Rocks, metal, wood beams and other objects can also fall onto a worker’s head and cause brain damage.

Alarmingly, many New York City contractors fail to employ basic shoring techniques to prevent collapse or to implement crucial urgent response measures in case of collapse. The most common problems our lawyers discover during excavation accident investigations include:

  • Failure to shore the trench
  • Wrongly determining a trench too minor to require shoring
  • Use of shoring techniques appropriate for the type of soil and rock being trenched
  • No fall arrest systems and other safety equipment
  • Inadequate rescue policies and equipment to effectively respond to the cave-in
  • Insufficient escape options for workers inside a failing trench
  • Lack of training or supervision

Building Collapse

Construction takes place in tight quarters in New York City. Buildings are close together and are often of vastly varying heights, designs and materials. Demolition, construction or repair can cause an adjacent building to shift or crumble. Contractors are required to use shoring methods to prevent the collapse of the affected building and potential injury to its residents and workers.

Collapse of Building Under Construction

As each floor of a skyscraper stacks one on top of the next, the building would grow unstable without appropriate shoring. Jackhammering, pounding and drilling can shake the unsound structure to its core. Temporary metal beams, bolts, bars and other tools are necessary to hold the walls and floors steady during construction.

Crane Collapse

A crane typically sits high above the ground precariously on the edge of an unfinished building. This massive piece of equipment must be properly secured to prevent it from toppling onto the street below. Errors in shoring a crane put workers and the general public at serious risk. When shoring a crane, the contractor has a duty to consider wind, extreme weather conditions and other factors that might affect the crane’s balance and stability.

Recover Money and Benefits For Failure to Properly Shore the Construction Site

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