Help Recovering for Construction-Related Falls and Cave-Ins

New York City is under constant construction. As a result, huge craters pocket the city. These deep holes are a hazard to workers and to the public unless they are properly guarded and shored.

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If you or your loved one fell into a trench, the property owner, contractors, their agents and employers may be responsible and liable for leaving the trench unguarded or failing to shore up its sides. Our New York City construction injury attorneys thoroughly investigate what happened and pursue those who are responsible.

Accidents in Open Trenches

An OSHA official once referred to an unprotected trench as an open grave, a graphic description that is right on the mark. Falling into an open trench can be deadly. If you survive the fall, you are likely to sustain such serious injuries as head trauma, spinal cord damage, bone fractures and soft tissue injuries. If the trench collapses, you may suffer from oxygen deprivation and crush injuries.

Trenches are a Substantial Hazard to Construction Workers

Trenching is one of the most dangerous occupations. You remain at constant risk of falls and cave-ins. Yet, trenches are not just a hazard to excavators; all workers on the site are put at risk when trenches are left open and unprotected. Occupational Safety & Health Administration regulations require crucial protective measures against collapse and falls. Also workers must use a protective system in trenches that are five feet and deeper. One of the simplest, least expensive measures your employer can take is to place visually clear guards around the parameter of the hole.

Often, the shallowest trenches present the gravest dangers. Whereas, you are likely to stay clear of large excavation projects, you may not realize smaller holes were dug on your worksite. Furthermore, your employer is more likely to take a laissez-faire attitude about a minor aspect of the project that is unlikely to be inspected or scrutinized by regulators.

Dangers to the Public

Property owners, contractors, their agents and employers have a duty not just to workers, but also to the public who might pass by a negligently secured construction site. New York building codes mandate specific precautions to keep the public from purposefully or accidentally entering the worksite and that clearly identify and guard trenches and excavation areas.

Learn More about the Risks of Open Trenches to Workers and the Public

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