Advocacy of Construction Workers’ Rights

Materials commonly used in construction include toxic substances, volatile gases, sharp objects, heavy machinery and other hazardous items. When properly stored, these dangerous materials present minimal risk to workers and the general public. Unfortunately, property owners, managers, agents, contractors and employers may skimp on storage to cut costs or make an unreasonable construction deadline.

For more than 30 years, Schwartzapfel Lawyers P.C. has assisted workers with personal injury claims and guided the families of fatally injured workers through wrongful death actions. Our attorneys have substantial experience in construction industry cases. We know what constitutes acceptable standards on the worksite and understand workplace safety regulations backwards and forwards. In addition to being well regarded for our expertise in construction injuries, we have a reputation for demonstrating genuine compassion and respect to our injured clients and their families.

Having a safe work environment is your right. If you have been injured on the construction site, your rights have been violated. Our New York City construction injury lawyers advocate for you to get the justice, money and benefits you deserve.

Negligent Materials Storage Practices

A good materials logistic plan protects the stakeholders by preserving materials and preventing loss. More importantly, the plan should include safe storage that prevents harm to workers and the general public.

Negligent storage practices can result in:

  • Materials placed in workers’ way, which creates a trip hazard
  • Toxic materials kept in improper containers that lead to exposure
  • Inadequately secured materials that may fall onto workers or pedestrians below
  • Materials being blown off in heavy winds or knocked off accidently by a worker
  • Stacked materials that may topple onto a worker
  • Rotting materials that attract diseased vermin, mold and bacteria
  • Flammable materials placed too close to hot objects that can trigger fire or explosion

Storage of Toxic Materials

Property owners, contractors, their agents, and employers have to take extra precautions when storing toxic materials on the jobsite. One seemingly minor misstep can result in catastrophic injuries, including burns, cancer, respiratory distress and brain damage.

Our attorneys investigate whether these negligent storage practices may have contributed to your injuries:

  • Putting the toxic material in a container not designed to hold it
  • Failing to label the material as toxic or post warning signs
  • Not imposing restrictions on who has access to the chemicals
  • Not providing the right equipment and clothing to protect workers from skin and breathing exposure
  • Providing inadequate training on proper storage
  • Failing to supervise use and storage of the materials
  • Allowing volatile liquids and gasses to be exposed to extreme heat
  • Mixing materials together that create volatility

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