Recovery for Construction Equipment Accidents

Working with heavy machinery is one of the most dangerous aspects of the construction industry. Every day, workers sustain serious and fatal injuries associated with heavy equipment. All of these accidents are preventable if employers, contractors and owners comply with the law. Sadly, instead, they put their own bottom line ahead of their workers’ safety.

Schwartzapfel Lawyers P.C. puts you first. Our firm helps you recover the money and benefits you are entitled to for your construction accident injuries. Having devoted our 30-year practice exclusively to personal injury and wrongful death recovery, our attorneys are experts on this complex body of law and have the unique knowledge gained from handling these cases every day for the past three decades. Our New York City construction accident lawyers apply our vast resources and skills to help you and your family recover.

Hit by a Heavy Construction Vehicle

Many construction projects require workers to work right alongside heavy vehicles. A worker in the cab may not be able to see the worker standing on the ground and can accidently run over him or her. This type of deadly accident can be avoided if contractors implement simple safety measures, including:

  • Orchestrating an orderly worksite in which workers are aware of one another’s presence
  • Installing detection systems that alert the machinery operator of the worker on the ground
  • Restricting access to the location where heavy equipment is in use
  • Using flagmen, sound warning systems and other devices
  • Training the machine operators and workers on the ground

Crushed by a Heavy Object

Cranes, forklifts and dump trucks constantly move objects around the worksite. A snapped cable, broken boom, unbalanced load or other equipment failure can cause the object to fall. Contractors have a duty to:

  • Keep the area below clear
  • Regularly inspect equipment for problems
  • Load machinery at the appropriate weight and balance
  • Take damaged equipment out of service until repairs can be made
  • Ensure operators and other workers are well-trained and supervised

Caught Body and Clothing in Moving Parts

Heavy equipment typically contains numerous moving parts. Catching a finger, a hand or an arm in the machinery may result in crush injuries, broken bones and amputation. The worker may also be dragged into the gears by snagged clothing. To prevent these serious accidents, employers have a legal responsibility to:

  • Not remove safeguards intended to keep the workers hands away from a saw edge or the gears
  • Supply a uniform or enforce an appropriate safe dress code that prohibits drawstrings, loose clothing and long, loose hair
  • Provide appropriate safety equipment to the workers free of charge
  • Train and supervise the workers

Recover Money and Benefits for Heavy Equipment Injuries

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