Recovery for Slips, Trips and Falls

Stairs are part of the landscape in our vertical city. You likely walk up and down stairs every day without giving a second thought to your safety. But, a construction error can make a stairway an extremely dangerous fall risk. A slip, a trip or a tumble down the stairs can result in severe injuries or death.

During more than 30 years of exclusively practicing personal injury and wrongful death law, Schwartzapfel Lawyers P.C. has earned a reputation as an expert in helping people recover money and benefits. We are also well known for the respect and compassion we show our clients throughout their case.

We recognize the challenges you face following your sudden injury or the untimely death of your loved one. Our lawyers advocate for your rights to money and benefits, while also ensuring you are getting the medical care and assistance with daily living you need to recover.

Recovery for Construction Site Falls

Construction sites contain numerous potentially dangerous conditions that require constant attention and multiple precautions to prevent accidents. Compared to all of the substantial construction site hazards, a flight of stairs can seem innocuous. However, stairs present a serious fall risk on the worksite. Furthermore, property owners, contractors, their agents and employers may not devote the time and money necessary to rectify stair hazards.

Our New York City construction fall attorneys investigate what caused the fall and hold the negligent person or corporation responsible for such dangers as:

  • Leaving building materials, tools and other objects on the stairs
  • Spilling grease, oil and other slippery substances on the steps
  • Not blocking unstable stairways that remain under construction
  • Continuing work despite ice or snow accumulation on the stairs
  • Directing workers to work on the mid and top steps of the stairs without appropriate fall protection

Risks to Public of Construction and Design Errors

Walking up and down stairs can be one of the most dangerous aspects of your day if the stairs are poorly constructed or designed or if the construction crew has created hazards during stair repair. Our attorneys review whether the property owner, contractor and its agents are responsible for these negligent actions:

  • Not properly attaching railing
  • Damaging steps or railing, and thus making them prone to collapse
  • Leaving materials, tools, spilled liquids and other slip and trip hazards on the steps
  • Making the railing too low, putting you at risk of falling over the side
  • Failing to alert the public about unsafe conditions and blocking access to the stairs

Recover Money and Benefits After a Fall on Faulty Stairs

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