Advocating for NYC Construction Workers

Much of New York City’s booming construction trade occurs high above the ground. These elevated jobsites expose workers to falls from height and to being hit by objects falling from height. The public is also at serious risk of being struck by objects while passing beneath elevated construction sites.

In virtually every case, injuries from falls or falling objects could be avoided by taking simple, inexpensive steps, yet falls and being struck by objects remain the two leading causes of death in the construction industry. Occupational Health & Safety Administration refers to these two types of accidents as part of the “Fatal Four.”

Schwartzapfel Lawyers P.C. has protected the rights of construction workers since we opened our doors more than 30 years ago. You have the right to a safe workplace. If you are injured or your loved one was killed in a construction accident, we aggressively pursue those responsible.

Construction Falls

Falls are the leading cause of construction deaths, accounting for more than one-third of fatalities in the industry. These statistics highlight the unacceptable conditions that put you and your coworkers at risk every day of severe and deadly injuries.

Contractors, property owners and your employers have a duty to implement strategies to prevent falls from scaffolds, ladders, roofs and other above ground worksites. OSHA regulations and New York Scaffold Law holds these parties liable for falls from height, and bars attempts to push blame onto the injured worker.

When investigating your injury claim, our attorneys determine who violated safety rules, such as those governing:

  • Clear, comprehensive fall prevention polices
  • The correct fall prevention equipment
  • Well-maintained equipment
  • Harnesses and personal fall arrest systems
  • Fall prevention training for all workers
  • Proper use of scaffolding, ladders, cranes and other devices

In addition, your New York City construction accident lawyer will investigate whether the manufacturer is liable for defects in the design or production of worksite equipment.

Falling Objects and Debris

Strike by a falling object is responsible for the second highest number of deaths in the construction industry, accounting for 10 percent of construction accident fatalities. Many of these stuck-by accidents occur when tools, materials, beams, air conditioning units and other objects fall from the worksite above. Objects should rarely fall, and when they do, should be diverted from hitting a person below.

During our investigation, we determine whether your employer, the contractor or property owner failed to implement the following crucial measures:

  • Leashes, bolts and other devices that secure objects
  • Tools and policies regarding securing loads and debris
  • Scaffold and nets to catch falling objects
  • Hazard warnings to the workers and public
  • Proper protective equipment, such as hardhats, for all onsite workers
  • Training in struck-by-object accident prevention

Recover Money and Benefits if Injured by a Fatal Four Accident

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