Help for NY Construction Workers Injured on the Job

Approximately 2,000 eye injuries occur every day in U.S. workplaces, at an estimated financial cost of $300 million per year in medical expenses, lost productivity and worker’s compensation claims. This figure excludes the enormous personal costs to individual workers financially and in the lost enjoyment of life. Even a minor or mild injury may cause excruciating pain, temporary disability and can put you out of work for days, weeks or months. In the most severe cases, you could permanently lose your eyesight.

Schwartzapfel Lawyers P.C. has dedicated our more than 30 year-old practice to helping injured workers in New York City and our surrounding communities. Our New York City eye injury lawyers help you recover money and benefits for partial and total blindness, disability, pain, suffering, lost wages, diminished earning capacity, medical bills and other damages you sustained.

We recognize the substantial heartbreak of losing your sight and the uncertainty you and your family feel about your future. When calculating the money owed to you, we consider such vital aspects of your recovery as occupational training, rehabilitation and future medical advancements and costs that might improve your vision and your quality of life.

Accidents that Result in Eye Injuries

The eye is an intricate organ that can be irreparably damaged by foreign objects. Flying or falling objects cause about 70 percent of workplace eye injuries. Most of these objects are smaller than a pin and are travelling at high rates of speed. Chemical burns account for 20 percent of eye injuries in the workplace. Swinging objects — such as ropes and cables — are responsible for many more eye accidents.

Although every industry contains eye accident risks, more than 20 percent of eye injuries occur in the construction trades and 40 percent of eye injuries happen to craft workers, including mechanics, carpenters, repairers and plumbers. In addition more than 33 percent of injuries occur to equipment operators, such as sanders, grinders, welders and assemblers.

You are placed at risk of an eye injury when:

  • Metal and plastic shavings fly from sanding or welding
  • Woodchips, cement chips and metal slivers eject from a sander or grinder
  • Dust particles blow into your eye
  • Nails and staples shoot from a nail or staple gun into your eye
  • Other sharp, jagged materials, dust and particles pierce the eye
  • Rocks, cement and hardware fall from above from an unsecured worksite
  • Rope or cable snaps and swings into your face
  • Toxic liquid splashes into your eye, causing a chemical burn
  • Smoke, gases and vapors fill drift into your eye, causing a chemical burn

Eye Accident Prevention

All contractors and owners and their agents have a duty to prevent construction site accidents by providing appropriate eyewear, including goggles, face masks or, if you are handling toxic materials, a full-face respirator. In addition, machines should come with guards that prevent shavings, dust and particles from flying into workers’ faces. The manufacturer may be liable for the absence of this basic technology and all contractors and owners and their agents may be liable for removing or altering a machine’s safety feature.

Recover Money and Benefits for Your Eye Injury

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