Experienced Recovery for Construction Site Accidents

Construction sites contain many risks of fire and explosion. Among numerous other risks, hot equipment, electricity and other heat sources can spark fire of accumulated fine dust particles, gas, chemicals and other volatile materials. In addition, gas lines and electrical wires are often exposed or at risk of being accidently hit or cut by a worker’s tools. Once an explosion occurs, severe injuries are inevitable. Prevention is therefore the only option.

During more than 30 years in practice, Schwartzapfel Lawyers P.C. has represented countless injured NYC workers in construction accident claims. We assist workers who have sustained severe burns, fractures, head injures, lacerations and organ damage resulting from worksite explosions. We also help families of workers killed in explosions and fires.

You perform a dangerous job, but your job should not put you at risk of injuries. Your employers, contractors and jobsite owners have the duty to implement explosion prevention measures and to eliminate conditions that are conducive to explosion. Where your employer has failed you, our New York City construction injury attorneys are here to help.

Blast Injuries

An explosion has the potential to cause catastrophic injuries to multiple workers. Often, workers sustain widespread injuries to multiple organ systems. After healing from the initial accident injuries, workers may experience chronic and progressive diseases from exposure to asbestos, radioactive materials and other toxic contaminants.

Blast injuries are categorized as:

  • Primary blast injuries: The explosion exerts pressure on the body’s tissues, which can injure ears, lungs, gastrointestinal tract and head.
  • Secondary blast injuries: Flying objects may strike nearby workers.
  • Tertiary blast injuries: A high-energy explosion may lift the worker off the ground and throw him or her into an object.
  • Quaternary blast injuries: All other explosion-related injuries fall into this category, including burns, crush injuries and inhalation of toxic substances.

Causes of Explosions

A negligently supervised construction site may have several conditions that can trigger explosion, including:

  • Gas leak: Gas may leak from a pipe or radiator because of tampering by a third party, the disintegration of old pipes, negligent work, repair or renovation.
  • Volatile chemicals: Many construction sites contain several volatile chemicals that can explode under the right conditions.
  • Combustible dust: When mixed with air, certain types of fine particles can catch fire and explode. Combustible dust on a construction site might include wood and metal shavings, rubber and certain chemicals.
  • Welding and grinding: The heat caused by hot activities, such as welding and grinding, can spark a fire and explosion.
  • Faulty electrical wire: Frayed, worn and faulty wiring in walls, extension cords, appliances and machines can trigger an explosive fire.

All of these explosion risks are preventable and your employer should be held accountable for failing to do so.

Recover Money and Benefits for Injuries Resulting from Construction Site Explosion

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