Advocating for Construction Worksite Injury Recovery

Excavators are responsible for site preparation, grading, trenching and other tasks related to building or repairing foundations and infrastructure. Excavation workers secure the integrity of the structure, many of which are enormous skyscrapers or busy roadways. As an excavator, you have an important job that must be handled with precision and care. You deserve the same level of serious consideration about your safety from the contractor, the property owner and your employer.

Schwartzapfel Lawyers P.C. has been practicing personal injury and wrongful death law for more than 30 years. We feel so passionate about helping injured people that we have dedicated our expertise, knowledge and resources to this area of law. Our lawyers advocate for your rights to money and benefits if you sustained an injury or your loved one was killed in an excavation accident. We recover the money you are entitled to and do so quickly through our aggressive prosecution of your matter, expeditious settlement negotiations and polished litigation skills.

Trenching and Excavation Hazards

The fatality rate for workers engaged in excavation work is 112 percent higher than the construction industry as a whole. The excavation worksite is inherently dangerous due to instability and confinement. In addition, one wrong placement of drilling or digging equipment and you could hit a gas line, an electrical wire or a large water pipe, and yet, you must rely upon your supervisor’s and the engineer’s instructions as to the location of these potential hazards.

New York City structures require trenching and excavation far below ground level, which exposes you to substantial risks of an accident. However, even shallow trenches present serious safety hazards. In this confined, underground space, you risk:

  • Being crushed in a cave-in
  • Oxygen deprivation and asphyxiation
  • Inhalation of toxic fumes
  • Explosion and fire
  • Electrocution
  • Drowning

Excavation and Trenching Safety

You work in a dangerous profession, but tools and technology exist to prevent trenching and excavation accidents. Our New York City excavation accident lawyers investigate whether your accident was caused by these negligent conditions:

  • Lack of protective systems, including inaccurate soil evaluation, inaccurate utilities markings, improper safety equipment and violations of OSHA regulations
  • Failure to inspect the trench for such dangers as toxicity and stability of the trench before each shift, throughout each shift and after rain or other events
  • Unsafe spoils placement, which can cause cave-in or cause the weight of the spoil or machinery to roll back onto the worker in the trench
  • Unsafe or lack of access and egress, such as ladders, stairs and ramps that allow workers to enter the trench safely and to exit the trench quickly in case of danger.

Recover Money and Benefits After an Excavation Accident

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