Recovery for Workers and the Public

Escalators are necessary in New York City buildings to move large quantities of people between multiple floors. If you go to a stadium, arena, department store and many offices and subway stations, you must ride on this dangerous apparatus or walk up an unreasonable amount of stairs. If you are a construction worker, an escalator mechanic you run the risk of severe injuries while working on or near numerous moving gears and in high places.

Schwartzapfel Lawyers P.C. is highly experienced in personal injury and wrongful death law. Our firm has handled these difficult cases for more than 30 years. We have the skills, experience and resources to recover the money and benefits you are entitled to for your escalator accident.

Poorly Designed and Maintained Escalators Are Dangerous

The escalator was patented in 1892 and retains basically the same design today, which puts little emphasis on safety. Every year, about 10,000 people require emergency room treatment for escalator-related injuries. Despite this excessive number, manufacturers continue to produce dangerously defective escalators and property owners continue to shrug off their premises liability duties.

Common causes of escalator injuries include:

  • Catching clothing and fingers in gaps along railing
  • Getting shoes and toes caught in gaps along the steps
  • Falling through unsecured platforms and steps
  • Falling over low handrails
  • Slipping on the steps or tumbling down the steps
  • Being bucked off the steps of a fast-moving or an accelerating escalator
  • Being electrocuted by exposed wires
  • Being burned by fire or explosion resulting from poor cleaning practices that allow combustible lint and grease to accumulate

Liability for Escalator Accidents

All of these escalator injuries are avoidable if the escalator manufacturer installs simple safety features and if the property owner abides by a basic cleaning, inspection and repair regimen. You are placed at risk when manufacturers and property owners fail to:

  • Install a functioning emergency off button
  • Train staff about handling an escalator emergency
  • Turn off escalators while under repair
  • Warn of malfunctioning escalator
  • Keep escalator clean and in good repair
  • Seal gaps in the mechanism

Construction Related Escalator Accidents

In addition to the same dangers the public faces, you are at extensive daily risk of injury when you install, repair or otherwise work on the escalator machinery. The thousands of moving parts regularly catch clothing and body parts, resulting in crush injuries, amputations, nerve damage, deep lacerations and fractures. Objects thrown from the mechanism can pierce an eye or damage the face. A fall from height could lead to head injuries, spinal cord damage, broken bones and organ damage.

During our investigation, our New York City escalator accident lawyers often discover blatant noncompliance by the negligent owner, contractor, employer and manufacturer, including lack of crucial safety equipment, inadequate training of workers or unsafe work policies and procedures.

Recover Money After an Escalator Accident

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